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Eighteen people were killed during fighting between Shabaab fighters and Somali and African Union forces in Mogadishu. Infighting between Somali troops in Mogadishu resulted in the death of one soldier. Puntland suspended Saracen International's anti-piracy training program.

Ten people were killed after Shabaab launched an attack on the town of Bula Hawo on the Kenyan border. Shabaab took control of the village of Dif and arrested 10 merchants in Sadow and accused them of selling drugs. The African Union jailed three Ugandan soldiers for killing civilians.

Norway 'wasting money' on Somali pirates

Twenty more people were killed during shelling by both Shabaab and African Union forces in Mogadishu. The US said it was "disappointed" with the Transitional Federal Government for extending its mandate.

Twenty people were killed in Mogadishu during mortar exchanges between Shabaab and African Union and government forces. Shabaab claimed the government's offensive in central Somalia has failed, and said 20 Ahlu Sunna Wal Jama'a fighters were killed.

American Shabaab commander alive, says US intel

omar-hammadi.jpgUS officials told The Long War Journal that Omar Hammami is believed to be alive. Somalia's defense minister said last week that Hammami had been killed.

Pirates jailed in 17 nations as prosecutions rise

Shabaab claimed it defeated government forces in Beletweyne and took control of a military base. Shabaab denied it lost control of several of its bases in Mogadishu.

Ten people were killed during fighting in Mogadishu. Two people were killed after police forces battled amongst themselves in Mogadishu. Five Shabaab fighters died in a premature detonation in Lanto Buro. Shabaab's leadership in Kismayo called on young men to fight the government in Mogadishu.

Somalia's prime minister warned that Shabaab may attempt to use oil tankers in a Sept. 11-styled attack. The United Nations Security Council urged the international community to increase funding for African Union forces in Somalia.

Pirates killed five Puntland troops during a failed attempt to free a captive Danish family. Twelve people were killed in fighting in Galgudud. Thirty Shabaab fighters in Mogadishu defected.

Somali troops took control of Rabdhure and El Waq; four Shabaab fighters were reported to have been killed during the fighting, Puntland police arrested four suspected Shabaab operatives, including the brother of Sheikh Mohamed Atom, in Galkayo.

The defense minister claimed Omar Hammami, an American Shabaab leader, was killed. President Ahmed fired four senior security officials; Shabaab cited the dismissals as evidence the government is failing in its offensive. Ethiopian troops have joined a pro-government militia in the village of Berhuteye.

Hostage oversupply in Somalia? Pirates negotiate better deals to free up space

Shabaab commander Omar Hammami reported killed in Somalia

Somalia's defense minister claimed today that the US citizen was killed during recent fighting, but the report is unconfirmed.

Shabaab withdrew its forces from the Gedo region after Ethiopian soldiers helped eject Shabaab from Bala Hawo. Shabaab killed two Somali soldiers and executed two men who worked for the government in Mogadishu.

Alhu Sunnah Wal Jama'a took control of Bula Hawa from Shabaab and captured 48 prisoners; 25 people were reported killed during the fighting. Twenty-one people were killed during heavy fighting between Shabaab and Somali and African Union forces in Mogadishu.

Norwegian trade and industry minister talks tough on pirates

Al Qaeda and Shabaab have established a Taliban-like regime in Mogadishu's suburb of Qobdoro. Shabaab is deploying more fighters from the Bay and Bakool areas to Mogadishu. Hassan Dahir Aweys vowed to continue to wage jihad against Somali and African Union forces.

In riven Somalia, Islamists dig in