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The Somali government said 49 civilian were among 115 people killed during heavy fighting in Mogadishu. The African Union claimed 60 Shabaab fighters have been killed. Shabaab threatened to attack Kenya as the country trains Somali forces.

Suddenly, a rise in piracy's price

Forty-eight people were killed in heavy fighting between Somali forces and Shabaab fighters in Mogadishu. Shabaab is pressing young men to fight in Jowhar. President Sharif said the government has defeated Shabaab.

Somalia begins offensive against Shabaab

The African Union claimed it seized three Shabaab strongholds in Mogadishu. The Somali prime minister claimed Shabaab leaders have fled Mogadishu. Fighting between Shabaab and Somali forces has been reported in Beledweyne.

Seizing of pirate chiefs is questioned in Somali killings

Fourteen Shabaab fighters and 10 African Union fighters are reported to have been killed during heavy fighting in Mogadishu. Shabaab also captured a Burundian soldier and paraded the bodies of five African Union troops in the streets

Pirates add ammo, men to ships after 4 US deaths

Somali pirates kill 4 US citizens

Shabaab suicide attack kills 20 in Somali capital

The suicide bomber struck a police outpost near Mogadishu's seaport. Six foreign fighters were reported to have been killed during clashes over the weekend.

Shabaab claimed credit for a suicide attack in Mogadishu that killed eight people. The African Union said six foreign al Qaeda fighters were killed during heavy fighting over the past several days in Mogadishu that has killed more than 20 people.

Peacekeepers in Somalia hit trenches of rebels

Shabaab held a ceremony for hundreds of fighters who completed their military training. Pirates kidnapped four Americans. A US court sentenced a pirate to 33 years in jail.

Kidnap and ransom: negotiating lives for cash

Updated: Norwegian ship owner: 'Hang the pirates'

Government forces killed four anti-Shabaab demonstrators in Mogadishu while opening fire to disperse the crowd. Seven people were killed during fighting in Delow between Shabaab and government forces. Shabaab replaced Sheikh Ali Dhere, its spokesman in Mogadishu, with Sheikh Mohamed Hassan Omar Abu Rahman.

Three people were killed in a bombing in Mogadishu. Hundreds of Somalis held anti-Shabaab demonstrations in Mogadishu. A Danish warship captured a pirate mothership off the coast of Somalia.

A senior Shabaab official said that primary and secondary schools in lower Shabelle province must teach "jihad." Police displayed two captive Shabaab fighters to the media.

Eleven people were killed in fighting between Shabaab and Somali forces in Mogadishu. The prime minister said the military should prepare for an offensive to wipe out Shabaab. More than 15 Somaliland troops defected to Puntland after a "clan massacre" that killed 87 people.

Defection reveals foreigners' role in Somali war