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Counter-terrorism strategy driven by 'cyberjihad' threat

Ugandan drones: this is how rumors get started

Muslim activist in Minnesota struggles as one-man counter against lure of terrorism

MI5 and police reduce UK terror threat from 'severe' to 'substantial'

The UN's high commissioner for refugees said that aid agencies should work with Shabaab to distribute food to those in need. Two people were killed as Somali soldiers fought amongst themselves in Mogadishu.

Pakistan urges US to share intelligence on Zawahri

Shabaab 's former district commander of Dhobley was wounded while clashing with other Shabaab fighters. Shabaab is stopping people from leaving drought-affected regions and banned khat in the south.

Leon Panetta says al Qaeda's defeat "within reach"

Senior Shabaab commander rumored to have been killed in recent Predator strike

Ibrahim al Afghani fought in Afghanistan, traveled to Pakistan, is linked to top al Qaeda and Shabaab leaders, and is mentioned in the GITMO documents. The report of Afghani's death is unconfirmed.

Senior Shabaab leader Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys called on Arab countries to help Somalis afflicted by the drought. Kenyan police arrested six Somali clerics at a refugee camp in Dhagahley.

Predator strikes are 'more like police work'?

Somali soldiers killed two civilians in Mogadishu. A prominent clan elder was beheaded in central Somalia. Police captured 10 suspected Shabaab fighters in the capital.

UN refugee agency warns of crisis 'of unimaginable proportions' in Somalia drought

An Afghan who served as a senior Shabaab commander may have been killed in last month's Predator strike near Kismayo. Shabaab fighters in Mogadishu are blocking humanitarian aid from reaching drought-affected Somalis. Shabaab fighters killed one boy while opening fire on a group of soccer players.

Alleged Shabaab operative to stand trial in New York

A Somali man named Ahmed Abdulkadir Warsame was transferred to New York where he will stand trial for allegedly providing material support to both Shabaab and al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. The unsealed indictment in his case follows a series of reports connecting Shabaab to AQAP.

Somali Tied to Militants Held on US Ship for Months

AMISOM said 3,000 new troops from Uganda have arrived in Mogadishu, and said the US is providing military aid to the African Union. Aircraft have been spotted hovering over Kismayo.

US expands its drone war into Somalia

Norway - Ministers approve onboard arms

Swedish ships take up arms to combat pirates