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UN wants security guarantees for Somalia aid work

Al Qaeda Seen Aiming at Targets Outside US

Al Qaeda's Yemen branch has aided Somalia militants, US says

The United Nations has begun to deliver drought aid to camps in Somalia that are run by Shabaab. ""They gave assurances that our access for humanitarian purposes would be unhindered," a UNICEF official said.

Niger fears takeover by militants in neighbor Libya

U.N. flies aid to Somalia after Islamist rebels lift ban

Misery Follows as Somalis Try to Flee Hunger

Shabaab has recruited at least 21 young men in the US to fight the government and African Union forces in Somalia. Shabaab rejected volunteers that are too young as it fears this would expose its operations.

As US wars wind down, drones gain new prominence

UK government: Al Qaeda weakened, but terrorism still greatest threat to Olympics

Shabaab arrested two Somalis who work for UNICEF and ICRC in Baidoa, and detained eight people in Eldher. The UNB declared Somalia the world's worst humanitarian disaster.

Did Shabaab's leader say the terror group is losing ground?

US official: CIA aiding interrogations of terror suspects in Somalia

Counter-terrorism strategy driven by 'cyberjihad' threat

Ugandan drones: this is how rumors get started

Muslim activist in Minnesota struggles as one-man counter against lure of terrorism

MI5 and police reduce UK terror threat from 'severe' to 'substantial'

The UN's high commissioner for refugees said that aid agencies should work with Shabaab to distribute food to those in need. Two people were killed as Somali soldiers fought amongst themselves in Mogadishu.

Pakistan urges US to share intelligence on Zawahri

Shabaab 's former district commander of Dhobley was wounded while clashing with other Shabaab fighters. Shabaab is stopping people from leaving drought-affected regions and banned khat in the south.