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WFP says has more access in Somalia, Mogadishu a challenge

Somali pirate 'used mobile to surf web for US kidnap victim information'

US group trains troops in Somalia

Somalia 'needs more AU troops' after al-Shabab pullout

The government offered amnesty to Shabaab fighters. Three people were killed in a car bombing in Mogadishu. Security forces detained four suspect Shabaab fighters in the capital.

Buffalo transportation worker returns to job after heady tour as Somali prime minister

Mogadishu celebrates Islamists' withdrawal but fears grow of new 'guerrilla' offensive

Exclusive: Somali pirate ransoms skirt US directives

Four people were killed during fighting between government and Shabaab forces in a village near Mogadishu. Four more were killed in fighting in Luk.

Fighting broke out in Mogadishu as Shabaab rearguard forces attacked African Union and Somali troops advanced into areas abandoned by Shabaab two days ago. Prime Minister Ali said Somali troops would continue to fight Shabaab outside of Mogadishu.

Somalia famine: Islamist fighters pull out of Mogadishu to allow food to be distributed

Piracy on the rise off West Africa's coast

Tracking Somali Pirates to Their Lair

Shabaab withdraws forces from Mogadishu

Militants retreat from Mogadishu

Shabaab forces have withdrawn from Mogadishu, spokesman Sheikh Ali Mohamud Rage told the Shabaab-run Andalus radio statio. "We have abandoned Mogadishu but we remain in other towns," Rage said. "We aren't leaving you, but we have changed our tactics."

Ten people were killed as Somali troops looted aid for famine victims at camps in Mogadishu. US Secretary of State Clinton called on Shabaab to allow humanitarian relief to pass through territory it controls.

Boy fighters of Somalia warn of al-Shabab cruelty

A Somali official claimed that al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula sent 10 boats filled with weapons to Shabaab. Shabaab banned the Thaicom satellite service from operating in Jowhar.

Somalia heads terrorism risk, South Sudan in top 5: survey