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Shabaab forces march in Mogadishu

Somalia's refugees celebrate holiday with food aid

Al Qaeda Affiliates Growing Independent

Few African leaders show up for famine summit

Security forces arrested six people in an area of Mogadishu formerly held by Shabaab. Famine victims claimed that Somali troops are looting food at refugee camps.

More Somali famine victims fleeing to Yemen: UNHCR

Shabaab has beheaded 11 Somalis in Mogadishu over the past several weeks. Ugandans serve as top commanders in Shabaab's military forces.

Shabaab executed three government "spies" in Mogadishu and detained three more in Barawe. Sierra Leone said it would send a battalion of 850 troops to Somalia in April 2012.

Thirty people were killed during fighting between Shabaab and Somali forces in Buzar. Shabaab forces looted eight trucks carrying food to famine victims south of Mogadishu. A military official said the government would launch an offensive against Shabaab in Lower and Middle Jubba.

Officials claimed a "drone" crashed in at the Libyan embassy in Mogadishu. South Sudan said it would consider sending peacekeepers to Somalia.

Turkish PM to Set Up Somali Embassy

Shabaab arrested 15 people in Afgoye for failing to fast during Ramadan. Eritrean President Issaias Afeworki denied reports that he supports Shabaab.

Islamist Threat in Nigeria Grows With Qaeda Help

Contractors Are Accused in Large-Scale Theft of Food Aid in Somalia

A clinic in northern Mogadishu was evacuated and civilians in two districts fled as Shabaab and government forces clashed in the area. The government said it would continue to pursue Shabaab fighters.

Uganda may send an additional 2,000 soldiers to join African Union forces in Mogadishu. Naval forces reportedly intercepted a ship carrying weapons from Yemen to Shabaab fighters in Somalia.

Ten people were killed during fighting between Shabaab forces and government troops near Beledweyne. Shabaab announced it is conducting hit-and-run attacks in Mogadishu.

Shabaab spokesman Sheikh Ali Mohamoud Rage insisted that the group's fighters remain in Mogadishu. One soldier was killed during fighting with the Ras Kamboni Brigade in Dhobley.

Somali Islamists thrive as children die in the dust

Somalia wants humanitarian force to guard food convoys