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African Union and Somali forces claimed to have driven Shabaab from its last strongholds in the capital of Mogadishu. "As I am talking to you, we control the whole of Mogadishu main city," General Mugisha said.

UK and US forces 'rescue pirate-held Italian ship'

AMISOM claimed that its forces along with Somali troops have taken control of key areas in northern Mogadishu, including the Pasta Factory. Twelve civilians were killed during fighting in the capital.

Somalis Protest Shabab in Rally in Mogadishu

Somalis Protest Shabab in Rally in Mogadishu

Five people were killed during mortar exchanges between Shabaab and government forces in Mogadishu. The African Union claimed it seized "critical high ground" in Mogadishu.

Twelve people were killed during heavy fighting between Shabaab and government forces in northern Mogadishu. The African Union claimed it controls 95 percent of Mogadishu.

Norwegian ship hijacking averted

Al-Shabaab - A Looming Threat

ICRC Begins Food Distribution In Somalia's Islamist-Controlled Areas

UN expert calls for added protection of civilians after suicide attack in Somalia

Shabaab warned civilians to stay away from government institutions. "Somalis, we warn you: keep away from government buildings and the bases of their soldiers, more serious blasts are coming," spokesman Ali Mohamud Rage said. Police claimed yesterday's suicide bomber was a Kenyan.

Somalia's al Shabaab vows more attacks

A Shabaab suicide bomber killed scores of people, including many students and their parents, in an attack at a compound in Mogadishu. Shabaab claimed they were targeting AMISOM and government officials.

Kenya: New Security Measures Unveiled

Shabaab suicide bomber kills scores in Mogadishu

A suicide bomber detonated a truck packed with explosives outside a compound where students were present. Shabaab claimed it was targeting government ministers and "informers."

Shabaab killed two people in an IED attack in Karan north of Mogadishu. Three telecom and money transfer firms reopened after Shabaab closed them down for failing to pay bribes.

Shabaab has closed the offices of telecommunication and money transfer companies in central and southern Somalia. US "spy planes" have been spotted circling near the city of Beledweyne.

Five people were killed during fighting between Shabaab and government forces in Mogadishu. US warplanes reportedly struck Shabaab camps in the El Bur area. Shabaab fighters chopped off a boy's hand and foot for stealing and tore down advertisements in Mogadishu.

Rebels urged to join Somali peace efforts