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Kenya: Somali militant attacks hurting economy

Kenyan Officials, After Troops, Make Surprise Somalia Visit

A Shabaab suicide bomber killed 15 people in Mogadishu. One of the kidnappers of two French intelligence officials was reportedly captured in Hargeysa in Somalia.

Suicide bomber kills 15 Somalis in Mogadishu

Today's attack takes place as Kenyan forces are advancing on Shabaab strongholds in the south.

Kenya sent a large number of troops into southern Somalia to battle Shabaab; a Kenyan helicopter crashed during the operation. The Somali government denied Kenya entered the south. Shabaab said it would carry out suicide attacks inside Kenya.

Kenyan forces enter the fray in southern Somalia

Shabaab forces withdrew from the southern city of Afamadow after fighting government forces and a militia in a nearby village. Shabaab closed schools in Marka after administrators refused to provide recruits.

Abu Abdullah al Muhajir, an American al Qaeda operative, was seen distributing aid to famine victims at a camp near Mogadishu. Government forces captured a village close to Afmadow.

Somali forces capture Shabaab-controlled area

UNHCR reduces Kenya aid operation after MSF abductions

'Al-Qaeda' distributes Somalia aid near Mogadishu

American al Qaeda operative distributes aid at Somali relief camp

Abu Abdullah al Muhajir, an al Qaeda "representative," said he distributed the aid on behalf of Ayman al Zawahiri, and praised al Qaeda for waging jihad in Somalia for three decades.

Ten people were killed during fighting between Shabaab and government forces in a village near Dhobley. Somali officials said they were committed to retaking the southern port city of Kismayo from Shabaab.

Panetta warns of retreat in Africa due to budget cuts

One person was killed during fighting between Shabaab and government forces in the capital. Shabaab is reportedly sending additional troops to Mogadishu after the government claimed it ejected the remnants of the terror group.

African Union and Somali forces claimed to have driven Shabaab from its last strongholds in the capital of Mogadishu. "As I am talking to you, we control the whole of Mogadishu main city," General Mugisha said.

UK and US forces 'rescue pirate-held Italian ship'

AMISOM claimed that its forces along with Somali troops have taken control of key areas in northern Mogadishu, including the Pasta Factory. Twelve civilians were killed during fighting in the capital.

Somalis Protest Shabab in Rally in Mogadishu

Somalis Protest Shabab in Rally in Mogadishu