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Video: East Africa famine: Somali prime minister denies food shortage

Britain's new year resolution: intervene in Somalia

Jihadist releases new photos of American Shabaab leader

Kenyan fighter planes killed 11 people during airstrikes on Shabaab fighters in Hosingow near the southern border. Five people were killed during fighting in the Daynile district in Mogadishu.

Over 200 Djiboutian troops arrived in Mogadishu to join the African Union force. Residents of Kismayo, a Shabaab stronghold, are facing a severe food shortage. Officials warned that the Tanzania-Kenya border post of Namanga could be easily infiltrated by Shabaab.

Twitter Use by Shabab in Somalia Incites US

Shabaab fighters beheaded three men they accused of spying in the Lower Jubba region. Clashes between Ahlu Sunnah militiamen and armed government supporters in Galgudud province left at least 10 dead. A local journalist was killed in Mogadishu by a man in a Somali government uniform.

Mogadishu dares to dream of a new future as militants are driven from Somali capital

Somalia's Rebels Embrace Twitter as a Weapon

Shabaab fighters blocked two International Committee of the Red Cross convoys carrying emergency food aid. Aid worker sources said Shabaab wanted to check "the quality" of the food. The Somali Peace Alliance has welcomed Djiboutian peacekeeping forces to help stabilize Somalia.

Some remarkable facts about the 'US Strategy for Counterterrorism'

US focus to beat al-Qaeda shifting to Africa

US defence chief in Djibouti for counter-terrorism talks

US Terror Hearing Explores Use of Miranda Warning

Shabaab publishes IDs, information on slain Burundian soldiers

A nutritional center run by the Somali Red Crescent Society in the southern town of Bardera was hit by an airstrike. Shabaab fighters showed ID cards of eight slain Burundian peacekeepers to local media outlets. Turkey has expanded its aid to refugees in Mogadishu, and Bahrain broke ground for a hospital building there.

Fighter jets reportedly hit an Islamist militant stronghold in the heart of Bardhere town located in the Gedo region. Shabaab fighters fired anti-aircraft artillery at the fighter jets in response to the bombardment. Somali officials executed two convicted Shabaab fighters in Puntland.

Somalis Still Flood Yemen, Going From Worse to Bad

Jihadist releases bio of Yemeni al Qaeda operative killed in Somalia

Abu 'Asim al Tabuki Mansour Nasser al Bihani waged jihad in Bosnia, Dagestan, Chechnya, Afghanistan, Yemen, and Somalia. He trained Omar Hammami, the American military commander in Shabaab. Two of Abu 'Asim's brothers are currently being held at the Guantanamo Bay detention facility.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon visited Mogadishu and the Presidential Palace. Somali parliamentarians urged him to replace the UN's representative to the country.