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The mutating al Qaeda threat

Ethiopian troops attacked Shabaab forces in the town of Beledweyne; Shabaab claimed their forces repelled the assault. A clan in Puntland blamed Shabaab for killing a prominent cleric.

Shabaab leader recounts al Qaeda's role in Somalia in the 1990s

Saif al Adel, Sheikh Yusuf al Ayiri, and Sheikh Abu al Hasan al Sa'idi fought in the Battle of Mogadishu, according to Shabaab's emir.

Clampdown on Al-Shabaab opens corridors for relief flow

The Kenyan military denied Shabaab's claim that 11 of its troops were killed during fighting near Qooqani. The Kenyan military said only one of its soldiers were killed, while five Shabaab fighters were also killed.

Somalia fears as US Sunrise banks stop money transfers

Son of infamous al Qaeda family killed by Ethiopian forces

Abu al Bara'a Abdul Aziz bin Attash was killed in a clash with Ethiopian forces. Bin Attash was a member of a particularly notorious al Qaeda family that has served the Taliban, al Qaeda, Shabaab, and other allied terrorist organizations.

US changes anti-terrorist strategy

Heavy clashes between Shabaab and AMISOM peacekeepers erupted in Mogadishu, resulting in casualties to both sides. A disgruntled former employee shot at least two international workers from the aid group Doctors Without Borders in Mogadishu. Somali pirates are steering the hijacked Italian vessel Enrico Levoli toward the Somali coast.

AU claims success against Al-Shabaab

At least 10 Shabaab fighters were killed by Somali and Kenyan forces during a clash in the Burgabo village of Lower Jubba province. Somali officials said cutting off remittance flows could further destabilize the country. Somali pirates have hijacked an Italian cargo ship and its 18 employees and are holding them for ransom.

Somalia Faces Alarming Rise in Rapes of Women and Girls

Under Obama, an emerging global apparatus for drone killing

Shabaab has aggressively recruited children as young as eight in southern Somalia to fight government and African Union forces. A member of parliament, Hassan Ali Adan, was shot in Mogadishu. The Ahlu Sunnah Wal Jama'a militia has rejected a power-sharing agreement with Somalia's political leaders.

Al-Qaida leadership almost wiped out in Pakistan, British officials believe

Nigeria bombings: worshippers fear more attacks

One person was killed during fighting between Somali and Shabaab forces in Mogadishu. Helicopters launched attacks on the island of Kudhaa. Shabaab arrested 14 businessmen in Beledweyne for displaying non-Islamic signs.

Somali authorities arrested the suspected gunman who killed local journalist Abdisalan Sheik Hassan on Dec. 18. A prominent Shabaab leader known as Sheikh Muktar Abdirahman has vowed "not to give up" in the attempt to implement Sharia law in Somalia.

A resident of a refugee camp in Matabaan shot and killed three aid workers. Somali soldiers shot and killed a civilian in Mogadishu. The British government is considering providing direct military assistance to international troops fighting Shabaab in Somalia.

A possible rift among Shabaab fighters fractured the militia into smaller groups in the Bay and Bakool regions. Shabaab has threatened to kill at least two Somali Members of Parliament. Two Shabaab assassins were sent to Kenya to kill senior government officials.