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Shabaab celebrates merger with al Qaeda

Puntland security forces captured Ahmed Saeed Mohamed, the brother of senior Shabaab leader and weapons smuggler Mohamed Saeed Atom. The spokesman for the Kenya Defence Forces said military operations have reduced Shabaab's revenues by 75 percent.

Somalia wants arms embargo lifted to fend off al Qaeda

Shabaab fighters attacked Kenyan and Somali troops in Busaar; 10 people are said to have been killed. Shabaab fighters and local militia clashed in Beledweyne; five people reportedly killing five people.

African Union Appeal for Mobilization to Defeat Al Qaeda in Somalia

The US is considering re-arming AMISOM after Shabaab's merger with al Qaeda. AMISOM said that it would invest $4.5 million on projects in Mogadishu. Shabaab vowed to continue attacks in Mogadishu.

Somalia's al-Shabab join al-Qaeda

'We in MYC are now part of al Qaeda East Africa'

The Muslim Youth Center, Shabaab's affiliate in Kenya, said that the groups would fight "under the banner of AQEA (al Qaeda East Africa)." AQEA has long reported to al Qaeda's most senior leadership.

Shabaab formally joins al Qaeda

The announcement formalizes the longstanding close working relationship between the two terror groups.

Kenyan forces claimed a senior Shabaab military commander named Abu Yahya and 13 fighters were killed in an ambush in Dalayat. Shabaab claimed its forces killed six Kenyan troops in the south. The death toll in yesterday's suicide attack in Mogadishu has increased to 15 killed.

A Shabaab suicide bomber killed nine Somalis in Mogadishu. Puntland's president warned that war with Somaliland is possible due to fighting in Buhodle.

Higher speeds, hired guns drive Somali piracy cost

Suicide bomber kills 9 in Mogadishu

More Minneapolis ties to Shabaab

A report stated that Somalia is one of several "training grounds" for British jihadists and that 50 of the estimated 200 foreign fighters in Somalia are British citizens. "[I]t is only a question of time before their commitment to the cause, and their newly-acquired expertise, are likely to be seen on British streets," the report states.

The Kenyan military claimed that eight Shabaab commanders and more than 100 fighters were killed during last week's airstrikes on Shabaab camps in Badhade and Hayo. Shabaab is accused of assassinating a senior Shabelle program director.

Security officials blamed Shabaab for an attack outside of a cafe in Garissa that killed three people. Shabaab fighters attacked Ethiopian forces at their bases in Beledweyn.

Kenyan attack helicopters struck a Shabaab convoy traveling near Dalayat; several Shabaab fighters were killed and wounded. The UN said Somalia's drought has ended.

UN Says Famine in Somalia Is Over, but Risks Remain

Kenyan troops seized Hosungow near the Kenyan border and took over the key southern town of Badhadhe, potentially cutting off Shabaab's supply line from its coastal stronghold of Kismayo. The UK appointed an ambassador to Somalia and the UK foreign minister is visiting the country.