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Shabaab withdrew from Baidoa after Ethiopian and Somali forces advanced on the city. The terror group also withdrew from Bardale. A Shabaab cleric said that "fathers and mothers must send their unmarried girls to fight alongside the (male) militants."

Somalia: UK weighs up air strikes against rebels

Shabaab abandons western city as Ethiopian troops advance

Shabaab was in control of Baidoa for three years before abandoning the provincial capital today without a fight.

Al-Shabaab militia abducting teenage girls to marry fighters

Jihad stops Arab Spring in Somalia says British PM

Human Rights Watch said that Shabaab "has increasingly targeted children for recruitment, forced marriage, and rape, and attacked teachers and schools." Puntland security forces detained five suspected Shabaab fighters in Galkayo.

Somalia conflict: Why should the world help?

Somalia's al-Shabab 'forced whole classes to fight'

No hurry to crush al Shabaab on Kenya's frontline

Ten people were killed during fighting between Shabaab and government forces on the road between Mogadishu and Afgoye. Kenyan warplanes struck Shabaab targets in the town of Xhwayo.

Shabaab warned Muslims "to stay away from the enemy bases in order to avoid being unintentional victims" of a newly announced terror campaign in Mogadishu. Somalia's ambassador to Yemen claimed that more than 500 Shabaab fighters fled Somalia to join al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.

Shabaab suicide bombers to launch series of attacks in time with David Cameron conference

Somalia leaders reach agreement on re-shaping politics

Shabaab claimed credit for Friday's car bombing in a police compound; the terror group said the bombing "is part of a new series of attacks that will specifically target the Crusaders & TFG bases in the capital." Shabaab has deployed hundreds of fighters to the outskirts of Mogadishu.

Fears of terror strike in heart of Somali capital after car bomb explodes

Iran risks nuclear Cold War

The Kenyan military killed four Shabaab fighters after being ambushed in Hawina. Shabaab shut down Koran classes in Jowhar and said they'd train the students themselves.

The Somali military said that 14 Shabaab fighters were killed during fighting in Garbaharay. The UN Security Council may vote next week to increase the number of African Union forces by 5,700, to reach 17,700 troops total. Refugees are fleeing the Afgoye area and African Union forces have deployed there.

The Somali military claimed it defeated Shabaab forces at the Afgoye control point near Mogadishu. A spokesman for Shabaab commander Sheikh Mohamed Saeed Atom claimed his forces killed 15 Puntland troops in Sugare north of Bosaso.

Shabaab held rallies in several cities to celebrate its merger with al Qaeda. Burundian troops have advanced to within two miles of Afgoye.