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A Shabaab suicide car bombing outside the main gate of Parliament in Mogadishu killed four people, including two policemen. Seven children were among the many wounded in the attack, which took place at a checkpoint.

Prominent lawmaker Ahmed Mohamud Hayd was killed along with his bodyguard in a drive-by shooting in Mogadishu that was claimed by Shabaab; another lawmaker, Abdullahi Ahmed Hussein Onka, and a secretary were wounded in the attack. Shabaab spokesman Abdulaziz Abu Musab threatened that the group would target other lawmakers for assassination if they do not leave the government. The US disclosed that it has up to 120 military personnel in Somalia, who serve as trainers and advisers.

Exclusive: US discloses secret Somalia military presence, up to 120 troops

A remotely-detonated bomb at a municipal office in Mogadishu killed at least two people and wounded five; two traffic officers were gunned down. Armed groups attacked the Banadir regional center in Mogadishu on June 29. Shabaab militants attacked a Somali and Djiboutian base near Beledweyne on June 27. Shabaab threatened to target AMISOM and government forces, and Prime Minister Mohamed called for vigilance during Ramadan. UN Special Envoy Nicholas Kay warned that Shabaab has the capacity to conduct attacks abroad, and urged Horn of Africa countries to step up border monitoring.

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The AU said Kenyan jets bombed Shabaab bases in Anole and Kuday in the Lower Juba region, killing over 50 Shabaab fighters in Kuday and 30 in Anole. Airstrikes were also reported near Kulbiyo, close to the Kenya-Somalia border. The airstrikes took place after an ambush on Kenyan troops. Shabaab declared Kenya a "war zone" in a statement on June 17, in the same language used in January 2012 by "Supreme Emir" Imam Ali of the Kenya-based Muslim Youth Centre. A bomb killed a nurse and injured a doctor in Mogadishu on June 18. The government is reportedly planning to recognize a three-region state comprised of Bay, Bakool, and Lower Shabelle.

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Shabaab militants arrested some 100 women in Buale, ordering them to wear the head-to-toe covering niqab or be publicly whipped. Fighting broke out in Wajid in Bakool after Shabaab militants attacked soldiers who were guarding supplies. Somalia's prime minister asked Ethiopia to provide soldiers to escort emergency aid supplies in southern Somalia, where Shabaab has been blockading towns and districts.

At least 13 Shabaab militants were killed and eight Somali and AMISOM troops were wounded in clashes near Hudur in Bakool. Sheikh Golis Mohamed Saed Atom, a former Shabaab commander in Puntland, defected on June 7; he said he had been forced to resign his Shabaab command after the arrival of a "spectacular number of Shabaab militants in Galgala through Golis hills." Both the Ogaden National Liberation Front and Shabaab spokesman Abdiazis Abu Muscab denied the Bakool governor's allegation that Shabaab coordinates operations with the ONLF against Ethiopian and AMISOM troops along the Somali-Ethiopian border.

NATO extends Somali counter-piracy mission to 2016

A Shabaab court in Barawe sentenced three men to death for spying; they were then executed. A few days earlier, Shabaab executed three other alleged spies in Bulo Mare; and amputated the hand one man and flogged another in Barawe. Last week Shabaab forces raided bases near the Ethiopian border in Bakool, killing 28 vigilantes; 12 militants were killed in the clash. On May 28, the head of the Somali National Army head survived an assassination attempt in Mogadishu when his motorcade was targeted with landmines.

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Shabaab takes credit for double suicide bombings in Djibouti

Suicide bombers attacked Western soldiers in Djibouti

Shabaab suicide assault team attacks Somalia parliament

The suicide assault, which killed 10 Somali troops, took place just two days after Shabaab vowed to step up attacks in Mogadishu.

Two days after warning it was shifting its war to Kenya, Shabaab launched an assault on the Somali parliament in Mogadishu. At least four people have been killed in the clash, which began with a car bombing followed by an attack by gunmen in military uniforms. Shabaab spokesman Ali Hussain also threatened two days ago that the group was planning attacks on military and soft targets in Mogadishu. Shabaab reportedly decapitated a female soldier in the presence of her two daughters in Bay earlier this week.

Kenya vulnerable to Shabaab