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Al Qaeda Offshoot Offers Camels for Obama's Head, Hens for Hillary Clinton's

The Kenya Defense Force said that it will not negotiate with Shabaab to release two government employees who were kidnapped in Somalia. Prime Minister Mohammed denied that the government cannot account for more than $130 million in foreign aid.

Defections put militant al-Shabab on the run in Somalia

Kenyan helicopters fired on Kismayo while Shabaab cordoned the city. Four people were killed during clashes between Shabaab and Somali forces in Garbaharay. The head of AMISOM said that Balad is the next town to be wrested from Shabaab's control.

UK, Mauritius strike deal on Somali pirates

Libyan official: US drones seeking jihadists in Libya

The US State Department offered rewards ranging from $3 million to $7 million for seven senior Shabaab leaders. Shabaab emir Sheikh Mukhtar Abu Zubayr's reward of $7 million puts him at number six on the Rewards for Justice list of wanted terrorists.

7 Shabaab leaders added to Rewards for Justice most wanted list

Shabaab emir Sheikh Mukhtar Abu Zubayr's reward of $7 million puts him at number six on the Rewards for Justice list of wanted terrorists.

Abu Yahya al-Libi of Al Qaeda Said to Be Killed

"Gunmen" killed four people in an attack on a bus in Mudug. A Shabaab spokesman denied reports that Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys surrendered to the government.

Pirates making hundreds of millions in ransoms, as attacks intensify off Somali coast

Shabaab is estimated to have 7,733 fighters, including 1,082 foreigners, in its ranks. The number is down from 14,426 in February 2011. Shabaab has been conscripting children in Galgadud. Police arrested two men involved in a recent IED attack in Galkayo.

Somalia: How the KDF captured Afmadow

A Somali official said that seven Shabaab fighters were killed before the terror group lost control of Afmadow. An estimated $130 million in foreign aid funds to the Somali government has disappeared.

Somalia donor money 'goes missing'

The Kenyan military said it has taken control of the southern towns of Afmadow and Hayo. Kenya's Army chief also said Shabaab would be ejected from Kismayo by the end of August. The Kenyan Navy killed 14 Shabaab fighters near Kismayo.

Four security personnel and two civilians were killed in an IED attack in Galkayo. Somali and Ethiopian forces captured 20 Shabaab fighters in Hudur.

Shabaab fighters ambushed an African Union convoy carrying Somali president Ahmed, but no casualties were reported. The president's car sped away from the firefight, which took place on the road to Afgoye, a rebel stronghold relinquished by Shabaab last week.

Inside an al Qaeda stronghold in Yemen

Omar Hammami calls for establishment of global caliphate

Hammami-Caliphate-Lecture.pngThe American jihadist said the move is necessary to unite the local Islamist insurgencies and global jihadist movements.