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Shabaab killed a member of parliament in a car bombing in Mogadishu and shot and killed two more people in a bombing in Afgoye. Kenyan aircraft struck a Shabaab training camp in Howsingo, killing 18 people.

One person was killed in an IED attack in Mogadishu. Security forces detained 89 suspected Shabaab fighters in Mogadishu.

North Mali terrorist haven threatens Africa -leaders

Somali pirates kidnap aid workers: Swedish NGO

Kenyan strike aircraft killed 20 Shabaab fighters in an attack on a training camp in the village of Birta-dheer near Garbaharey. African Union troops found looted food aid at a Shabaab training camp in Lanta-Buro.

Al-Qaeda free to tighten its grip on Africa

Three aid workers, two Kenyans and a Somali, were kidnapped in the Ba'adweyne district in Puntland. Police blamed Shabaab fighters for the kidnappings.

Kenya's Dadaab camp: Aid agencies make appeal

African Union and Somali troops took control of Lanta‚ÄźBuro, a village west of Mogadishu that hosted a Shabaab training camp. Shabaab claimed it killed eight Kenyan troops in an ambush in Jower Jubba and three Burundi soldiers in a sniper attack in Lafoole. Somali troops looted food aid in Afgoye.

After attacks, Kenyan Muslims guard Christian churches

Detained UK suspect trained by Shabaab

An al Qaeda suspect detained in the UK after visiting the site of the Olympic Games was trained by and fought with Shabaab, al Qaeda's affiliate in Somalia. Leaked US government files show that Shabaab has sought to use its recruits in al Qaeda's plots against the West.

Three people were killed during fighting in Beledweyne. A pro-governemnt militia took control of El Bur as Shabaab forces retreated. Shabaab arrested a group of farmers in Jowhar after they refused to pay a tax.

Kenya: Death of Muslim preacher exposes the real face of terror

Security forces rounded up more than 150 men between the ages of 15 and 25 who are suspected of being members of Shabaab. More than 1,000 families have been displaced due to fighting in Balad.

Turkish jihadist magazine Islamic World published

Africa facing sharp rise in Islamic extremism

2 Eritrean officials designated for supporting Shabaab

Two Eritrean intelligence officials were designated by the US Treasury Department for supporting Shabaab, al Qaeda's affiliate in Somalia. One of the two men is an explosives expert who has allegedly provided training to Shabaab operatives in Eritrea.

A Shabaab fighter was killed in a premature detonation in Yaqshid. Security forces detained 10 suspected Shabaab fighters in Balad.

San Diego man stranded after told on no-fly list

Gunmen killed a former deputy police chief in Puntland. A pro-government faction of the Ras Kamboni Brigade vowed to take Kismayo from Shabaab. Kenya said it would press the fight against Shabaab.