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AMISOM claimed that more than 200 Shabaab fighters in Kismayo, Bibi, Soya, and Jana Cabdalla surrendered. Some reportedly wanted to fight alongside AMISOM forces but officials said they "cannot be trusted."

In Death, Cleric Stokes Tensions in Kenya

Security forces detained 50 Shabaab fighters and supporters in Afgoye. Shabaab targeted Somali troops in an IED attack in Beledweyne; casualties have not been disclosed.

African Union forces secured the port of Elma'an. Kenyan troops killed a Shabaab commander and seven fighters in Jiliib. Shabaab killed one person in a grenade attack in Baidoa.

Shabaab claimed it killed seven Ugandan troops in two IED attacks in the Daynille district in Mogadishu. Gunmen killed two people in an attack on a bus in Burhakaba. Security forces detained 323 people while searching for Shabaab fighters in Mogadishu.

Shabaab forces clashed with Somali and AMISOM troops near Afmadow and in Garbaharey. Shabaab forces withdrew from Mahas. Somali troops are preparing to launch an offensive to retake Johwar.

Somali and African Union forces took control of the port town of El-ma'an near Mogadishu. The government imposed a curfew in Afgoye. A Kenyan military spokesman said the military is massing forces for the offensive to take Kismayo.

Kenyan warships continue to shell Shabaab positions in and around Kismayo. Security forces are pursuing Shabaab remnants in Marka. Islamist cleric and Shabaab supporter Abubaker Shariff Ahmed was arrested and charged with inciting violence.

Heavy fighting has been reported in Afmadow as Shabaab forces again attacked Somali and Kenyan bases in the town. A Kenyan military spokesman said that three soldiers who disappeared during fighting in Miido have been found; it is unclear if they are alive or dead. Somalis are fleeing Kismayo as an AMISOM and Somali offensive is feared.

Analysis: Kenya Muslim riots expose political, economic rifts

Shabaab posted pictures of Kenyan soldiers who were captured and killed near Kismayo; one of the soldiers was dragged through the streets as a crowd looked on. Kenyan warships shelled Kismayo. AMISOM denied a helicopter was shot down near Afmadow. Three Ethiopian soldiers were killed in an IED attack.

Shabaab displays bodies of Kenyan soldiers near Kismayo

Three people were killed in a bombing at a bus station in Mogadishu. "Gunmen" killed two people in Gelinsor. Shabaab claimed it overran a Kenyan base in Afmadow and shot down a helicopter.

Somali forces claimed that 16 Shabaab fighters were killed during clashes in Afmadow. Shabaab claimed 57 Kenyan troops were killed and more than 40 were wounded during the fighting.

Shabaab claimed it killed more than 50 Somali and African Union soldiers in bombings and attacks yesterday in Mogadishu and Marka. Shabaab forces ambushed Somali troops in Afmadow; the military claimed four Shabaab fighters were killed.

Piracy Around Horn of Africa Has Plunged, US Says

Somali diaspora see hope and opportunity in Mogadishu

Somali and AMISOM forces took control of Marka after Shabaab retreated without a fight. Shabaab fighters executed four people before leaving the port town.

Kenyan Muslims riot after murder of Shabaab-linked cleric

rogo.jpgSheikh Aboud Rogo Mohammed was shot and killed as he was driving in Mombasa. The US added Rogo to the list of Specially Designated Global Terrorists on July 5 for his direct support for Shabaab.

Somali and African Union troops seized control of towns outside of the port city of Merca, which is under Shabaab control. Somali soldiers killed three civilians at a food distribution point in Mogadishu. Shabaab claimed it killed 14 Kenyan soldiers in Gedo.