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Omar Hammami says 'friction' exists between Shabaab, foreign fighters

Hammami-friction.jpgIn a dated tape, the American Shabaab commander appeals to influential clerics and jihadists to intervene to resolve tensions between foreign jihadists and local leaders in Somalia.

Puntland security forces seized weapons thought to have been shipped from Yemen that were destined for Shabaab. "Gunmen" killed a tribal elder in Kismayo. Shabaab claimed it assassinated an intelligence official in Mogadishu.

Government forces clashed amongst themselves in Lambar-konton. President Mohamud said that the war against Shabaab would continue. "Gunmen" killed a government official in Mogadishu.

Shabaab attack government bases in Mogadishu and Kismayo; scores of people were reported to have been wounded in the attacks. Shabaab claimed it assassinated two intelligence officials in Mogadishu.

Kenya coast tourist numbers fall on Islamist security fears

Four people were killed after Shabaab fighters ambushed Somali troops near Baidoa. A civilian was gunned down in Baidoa. Shabaab reportedly killed and wounded several soldiers in an IED attack in Shalanbod.

Four people were killed after Shabaab fighters ambushed Somali troops at an airbase near Afgoye. Police arrested dozens of fighters during raids in Baidoa.

Shabaab claimed that its "Counter-Intelligence Units" assassinated a senior militia commander. The district commissioner of Huriwa survived an assassination attempt.

Kenya's defense minister claimed that more than 3,000 Shabaab fighters have been killed in the last year. Shabaab forces detained dozens of people in Bulo-Mareer. Security forces recovered the bodies of four Kenyan and Somali troops who went missing in Kismayo.

Somali troops detained more than 300 suspected Shabaab fighters during security sweeps in Mogadishu. Shabaab has abandoned Burhakaba as government forces advance. A US journalist reported detained by pirates fears he will be transferred to Shabaab within days.

Shabaab killed two people in an IED attack in Kismayo. The military has placed Kismayo under curfew. The African Union denied a Shabaab claim that an ambush destroyed a military convoy.

Shabaab has "has officially revoked Islamic Relief's permit to work in areas under" the terror group's control. Shabaab killed a soldier during fighting in Beledweyne.

American jihadist struggles inside Somali militia

Somali and Kenyan forces killed five suspected Shabaab fighters in Kismayo. The African Union guaranteed the safety of Shabaab fighters who surrendered. The African Union said it captured several men suspected of being behind the murder of journalists in Mogadishu.

Several Somali members of parliament denounced Kenya's invasion of Kismayo. Security forces have launched an operation in Kismayo. The government said it foiled suicide attacks in Beledweyne.

Security forces detained 100 suspected Shabaab fighters during raids in Kismayo. Two people were killed after Shabaab detonated five bombs in Kismayo yesterday.

Al-Qaeda's grip on northern Mali has to be broken

Somali and African Union troops have reportedly withdrawn from Kismayo. Shabaab claimed credit for a series of bomb blasts in the southern port city.

Somali and Kenyan forces have begun to patrol in the former Shabaab stronghold of Kismayo. Somalia's new president and the speaker of parliament visited Baidoa, which was under Shabaab control until February 2012.

Minnesota trial could expose terror group recruiting