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Shabaab forces briefly took control of the town of Belad-Hawo; the military claimed 13 Shabaab fighters were killed in the counterattack. "Gunmen" attacked Kenyan troops in Kismayo.

Two Somali troops were killed as the soldiers clashed amongst themselves in Mogadishu. "Gunmen" killed a local businessman in Beledweyne; Shabaab is suspected of carrying out the attack.

Mock military operation in Ethiopia simulates all too real African conflict

One person was killed after Shabaab fighters attacked the home of a senior official in Kismayo. Security forces detained 20 armed Shabaab fighters during sweeps in Mogadishu.

Somali and African Union forces are advancing on Burhakabo; Shabaab fighters are said to be abandoning the town. The US deported Nuradin Abdi to Somalia. Abdi served a jail sentence for plotting to blow up a mall in Ohio.

Shabaab claimed it killed nine Ethiopian soldiers in Ghaneema in and six Ugandan troops near K50. Djiboutian soldiers arrested a government official in Beledweyne.

Somali security forces arrested two Shabaab leaders in Puntland. Abu Hafsa, allegedly Shabaab's head of assassinations, and Abdirizak Hussein Tahlil, a Shabaab logistics officer, were arrested in Galkayo. The pair were in possession of suicide vests, explosives, grenades, and other explosive paraphernalia.

Shabaab called on Muslims to support the Palestinians against Israel after airstrikes killed Hamas's military commander. The FBI added American citizen Omar Hammami to its list of most wanted.

The parliament approved the prime minister's cabinet. Iran said it would open an embassy in Mogadishu. Shabaab claimed to have killed dozens of Ugandan and Kenyan troops.

Ten people were killed after Shabaab forces ambushed an Ethiopian military convoy near Baidoa yesterday. The Jubaland state government in the south accused Kenya of backing warlords.

Heavy fighting between Ethiopian forces and Shabaab fighters erupted in the Bay region of southern Somalia. Shabaab fighters ambushed Somali National Army soldiers at a checkpoint near Garbaharey in Gedo province, and additional clashes were reported at the KM4 junction in Mogadishu.

Two people were killed as Shabaab and government forces clashed in Garbaharey. Uganda again threatened to withdraw from AMISOM and pull out its forces from Somalia.

Al-Qaeda resurgent?

"Gunmen" killed two people in Mogadishu. The United Nations Security Council rejected the African Union's request to fund Kenyan naval operations off the coast of Somalia.

A car bomb was detonated near the parliament building in Mogadishu; one soldier was killed in the blast. Puntland security forces killed a Shabaab commander in Dhahar.

Syria envoy warns country could turn into Somalia

Security forces detained dozens of suspected Shabaab fighters during an operation in Mogadishu. US officials believe that Uganda will not withdraw its forces from Somalia.

Storm: I wasn't alone: Former PET double agent says that two other Danes joined him at al-Qaeda linked university in Yemen

Somali journalist on braving Mogadishu

Prime Minister Shirdon has appointed the country's first female foreign minister. The European Union has pledged to donate more than $200 million in security and education aid.