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Terror Threat Prompts US Rethink on Africa

CIA drone strikes will get pass in counterterrorism 'playbook,' officials say

A member of parliament accused AMISOM forces of massacring civilians in Leego. Gunmen murdered a reporter in Mogadishu. AMISOM said it would train Somali police in Djibouti.

Shabaab said it would execute French hostage and intelligence agent Denis Allex. Police officials claimed to have detained 1,700 suspected Shabaab members in Mogadishu. Puntland security forces launched an operation in Galgala against Shabaab.

Sea piracy falls to 5-year low as Somali gangs retreat

Shabaab executes French hostage Denis Allex

Denis_Allex.jpg"With the rescue attempt, France has voluntarily signed Allex's death warrant," the terror group said in an official statement. Shabaab later announced he was executed. The French intelligence agent has been held by Shabaab since July 2009.

Shabaab releases photos of French commando captured in failed rescue mission

Shabaab displayed the body and equipment of a French commando who was wounded and captured late last week following a failed hostage rescue in Somalia, and later died. The terror group also said the "fate" of hostage Denis Allex will be announced soon.

The government condemned France's attempt to free Denis Allex, who is being held by Shabaab. Witnesses in Daaydoog claimed the French troops killed civilians before attempting the rescue, which led Somalis to warn Shabaab of the raid. Shabaab executed two civilians in Jilib.

A Dane tells of his life as a spy inside the al-Qaida network

Analysis: French early strike shakes up Mali intervention plan

Analysis: Mali - one African war France could not avoid

French commandos attempted to free Denis Allex, a French intelligence operative captured by Shabaab in 2009. A French soldier was killed and another was captured during the failed raid. Seventeen Shabaab fighters were killed.

Shabaab kills, captures French soldiers during failed rescue mission in Somalia

French commandos from the General Directorate for External Security attempted to rescue Denis Allex, one of their operatives captured in 2009. The French said they believe Allex was killed in the raid; Shabaab denied the claim.

Two Puntland politicians appear to have been interviewed by two radio outlets affiliated with Shabaab. A judge freed the killer of two foreign medical aid workers who were gunned down in December 2011.

Stanley McChrystal criticises reliance on drones as strikes hit Pakistan

Omar Hammami's personal dispute with Shabaab

The American jihadist's rants against Shabaab indicate a personal feud with the al Qaeda affiliate, and not a wider split between Somali jihadists and foreign fighters.

A UN report shows that increasing cooperation between Somalia's Shabaab and the Ugandan rebel group Allied Democratic Forces is spreading instability across the region. African Union forces launched a major offensive against Shabaab militants along the Ballidoogle-Leego road, approximately 120 kilometers northwest of Mogadishu.

Sahel security global threat, 8-14,000 Jihadists now in Mali, region, to double in year: Study

Nigeria Emerges as Center for Pirate Attacks

Puntland security forces killed three Shabaab fighters while repelling an attack near the Galgala Mountains, a Shabaab stronghold. One soldier was also killed in the fighting. Shabaab fighters killed a woman after opening fire on a wedding ceremony.