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Two female school teachers and a Foreign Affairs Ministry official were gunned down in separate drive-by shootings on Sunday. No one has claimed the attacks.

UN Secretary Ban Ki-moon praised Somalia's significant gains against Shabaab during a visit on Wednesday. A car bomb killed at least one person and injured another in Mogadishu today.

Somali government forces killed four members of Shabaab in the Hiran region in south-central Somalia. A Shabaab leader killed in a US airstrike on Sept. 1 reportedly "had established new ties with" the Islamic State. The first wave of 2,700 additional Ugandan troops deployed to the country has arrived at Mogadishu International Airport.

Uganda has started sending 2,700 additional troops to Somalia, three weeks after capturing the strategic port of Barawe from Shabaab. African peacekeeping forces said the terrorist group has been pushed from eight towns since major operations began in September. Despite recent gains, an International Crisis Group report predicts that "it will be a long war."

A Mogadishu military court executed two members of Shabaab by firing squad on Sunday after the pair were convicted of killing a journalist.

Kenyan Defense Forces and Somalia National Army soldiers claimed to have killed over 80 "Shabaab militants in an offensive in Jamaame and Magambo areas near Kismayu in Somalia." Shabaab fighters attacked government forces near Afgoye district in the southeastern portion of the country. Somalia's ambassador to Ethiopia has stated that the terrorist group is greatly diminished: "Al-Shabaab is now driven out of all major areas of Somalia. There is no place which it controls as military and political bases like before."

A new anti-terrorism bill that "would boost the powers of security officials and police" was submitted to Somalia's Federal Parliament yesterday and is slated for debate.

Shabaab stoned an 18-year-old male to death after convicting him of rape in southern Somalia. On Oct. 21, Somali National Army (SNA) soldiers killed seven Shabaab fighters who ambushed their food convoy in the Beledweyne area. Three SNA soldiers were wounded.

A bomb planted in the car of a senior police officer in Mogadishu exploded, injuring two mechanics who were working on the vehicle. Shabaab was blamed for a car bombing that killed at least 10 people in Mogadishu yesterday.

Suspected Shabaab militants detonated a car bomb in the center of Mogadishu, the capital city, killing at least seven people. Kenyan jets targeted Shabaab bases in Middle Jubba yesterday; a Kenyan commander of the AMISOM force claimed that some 60 Shabaab fighters were killed. A journalist working for a British-Somali TV station was critically wounded by suspected Shabaab attackers in an attempted assassination in Mogadishu, and a university lecturer was also wounded in the attack. UN investigators said arms intended for the Somali military are being sold on the open market. Hassan Dahir Aweys, a senior Shabaab leader wanted by the US who was arrested in June 2013, has not been prosecuted and is currently living in a Mogadishu hotel.

Suspected Somali Islamists abduct Kenyan traders

Somalia army weapons sold on open market - UN monitors

Ugandan troops took control of the port town of Barawe from Shabaab. Shabaab fighters left the city and reportedly went to Jilib. The Kenyan military claimed it killed 22 Shabaab fighters during an operation that targeted a "logistics base" in Bula Gadud.

Somali and African Union forces have taken partial control of Barawe, a coastal town held by Shabaab for the past six years. Shabaab fighters were said to have made a tactical retreat from the town two days ago. Some 25 Shabaab fighters were killed in clashes outside Barawe over the past two days. Jubbaland president Sheikh Ahmed Mohamed Islam (Madobe) announced a new offensive to drive Shabaab from its strongholds, and offered Shabaab fighters a 48-hour amnesty.

Shabaab forces are reported to be pulling out of Barawe as African Union and Somali troops are advancing on it. Kenyan fighter jets attacked Shabaab forces in Middle Jubba on Oct. 2. Some 50 US special forces are said to have participated in an offensive against Shabaab in Galgala on Oct. 2. The Somali government has announced a $2 million reward for the capture of new Shabaab leader Abu Ubayda.

Islamic State, Shabaab leaders added to US terrorism list

Kenya to stay course in quest to stabilize Somalia: President Kenyatta

Report: France aided Somalia al Shabaab leader assassination

Shabaab killed 12 people, including several soldiers, in two suicide attacks that targeted African Union and Somali convoys south of Mogadishu. The government shut down two radio stations in the capital after accusing them of reproducing Shabaab propaganda.

Somalia put on high alert after Shabaab leader confirmed dead