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Russia claims Islamic State is supplying half of all Afghan heroin coming to Europe

Kenya's military claims it killed 49 members of Shabaab in airstrikes on camps in Somalia; the jihadist group denied the report. Somali National Army and African Union Mission troops arrested at least 10 Shabaab fighters during an operation in the Hiran region.

Kenyan security forces pursued Shabaab forces to their camp in Somalia and killed "more than 100," according to Kenya's deputy president. The operation was in response to the terrorist group's attack on a Kenyan commuter bus on Nov. 22.

Kenya bus attack: Military 'kills 100 Shabab militants'

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud predicted that "by the first quarter of next year there will not be a territory, space, controlled by al Shabaab." Gunmen from the terrorist organization killed a Somali-American engineer who had returned to the country to assist Mogadishu with "urban planning and drainage systems."

Somali-American who helped Mogadishu govt killed

Six men were sentenced to death over links to Shabaab by a military court in Puntland. Aid workers claim corruption and worries about being prosecuted for terrorism have undermined humanitarian efforts as a crisis looms. Somalia has been ranked 7th on the Global Terrorism Index.

One person was killed and another injured when a bomb that was attached to a car exploded in Mogadishu. Mortar rounds were fired at the presidential palace in the Somali capital, but authorities claim none landed in the compound. Shabaab claimed responsibility for both attacks.

Somali security forces searched vehicles in Mogadishu on Nov. 13 in response to a series of attacks on government workers in the city. Shabaab kidnapped 20 people and beheaded two women after briefly taking over Kuhda Island in southern Somalia.

A freelance journalist was seriously injured after a bomb detonated on his car in Mogadishu on Nov. 9. Unknown gunmen killed a government intelligence official in the the southern city of Marka on Nov. 8.

A UN report stated that the killing of Shabaab leader Ahmed Godane will not end the group or its capabilities, and warned of pending attacks. The UAE has signed a military cooperation agreement to help train and equip the Somali Army.

The National Security and Intelligence Agency detained 82 terrorism suspects and seized a cache of weapons in Mogadishu on Nov. 5. Twenty-two of the suspects are believed to be members of Shabaab, according to a government spokesman.

Kenyan Muslim cleric Salim Bakari Mwarangi shot dead in Mombasa

Two female school teachers and a Foreign Affairs Ministry official were gunned down in separate drive-by shootings on Sunday. No one has claimed the attacks.

UN Secretary Ban Ki-moon praised Somalia's significant gains against Shabaab during a visit on Wednesday. A car bomb killed at least one person and injured another in Mogadishu today.

Somali government forces killed four members of Shabaab in the Hiran region in south-central Somalia. A Shabaab leader killed in a US airstrike on Sept. 1 reportedly "had established new ties with" the Islamic State. The first wave of 2,700 additional Ugandan troops deployed to the country has arrived at Mogadishu International Airport.

Uganda has started sending 2,700 additional troops to Somalia, three weeks after capturing the strategic port of Barawe from Shabaab. African peacekeeping forces said the terrorist group has been pushed from eight towns since major operations began in September. Despite recent gains, an International Crisis Group report predicts that "it will be a long war."

A Mogadishu military court executed two members of Shabaab by firing squad on Sunday after the pair were convicted of killing a journalist.

Kenyan Defense Forces and Somalia National Army soldiers claimed to have killed over 80 "Shabaab militants in an offensive in Jamaame and Magambo areas near Kismayu in Somalia." Shabaab fighters attacked government forces near Afgoye district in the southeastern portion of the country. Somalia's ambassador to Ethiopia has stated that the terrorist group is greatly diminished: "Al-Shabaab is now driven out of all major areas of Somalia. There is no place which it controls as military and political bases like before."

A new anti-terrorism bill that "would boost the powers of security officials and police" was submitted to Somalia's Federal Parliament yesterday and is slated for debate.