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A court in Puntland sentenced Shabaab emir Sheikh Abu Zubayr (Godane) to death for an assassination in Bosasso. African Union and Somali troops took control of Burhakaba after Shabaab forces fled the town.

US military may take over part of CIA drone war

American Shabaab fighter urges Muslims to join the 'fronts' of jihad

Abu-Ahmed-al-Amriki.jpgAbu Ahmed al Amriki implores Muslims to leave their lives of comfort and wage jihad in Somalia, Mali, Afghanistan, Iraq, or the "Islamic Maghreb" -- North Africa.

Eleven people were killed during tribal clashes in the former Shabaab-held city of Kismayo. African Union and Somali troops took control of two towns in Bay. Tens of thousands of Somalis protested against Shabaab in Garowe.

Sahel states must share intel, African expert warns

Six people were wounded in a grenade attack in the Bakara Market in Mogadishu. Shabaab commander Hassan Dahir Aweys denied any involvement in the killing of a prominent cleric in Puntland.

African Union and Somali forces battled Shabaab fighters in Janaale. Shabaab claimed it killed 25 "kuffar invaders" and lost three of its own fighters.

African Union troops secured the Johwar airport after Shabaab forces fled. Shabaab claimed it killed five members of a militia in Bardale and sentenced to death another militia fighter captured in Jilib.

Veteran Sudanese jihadist killed in French airstrike in Mali

Abu Hazim al Sudani waged jihad in Afghanistan, the Philippines, Chechnya, and the Sudan before he was finally killed by the French in Mali.

Police arrested the son of a senior politician in Somaliland. The son and a woman detained with him, both of whom are from Finland, are accused of supporting Shabaab attacks in Puntland. The president of Puntland accused Shabaab of last week's murder of a senior cleric.

A Shabaab suicide bomber killed two people at a beach hotel in Mogadishu. Shabaab claimed it killed five Ugandan soldiers in two ambushes in Jannaale

Sheikh Abdulkadir Nur Farah, the mufti of Puntland, was gunned down in a mosque in Garowe. Two suspects were captured; Shabaab is believed to be behind the assassination. The general in charge of the EU training mission said Mogadishu is not yet safe enough to serve as a base.

At Pentagon, 'pivot to Asia' becomes 'shift to Africa'

Shabaab claimed it executed a captive Kenyan soldier, and gave 72 hours for the release of Islamists in Kenyan custody. Shabaab also claimed it killed 17 Puntland security personnel in the Golis Mountains.

An investigation reported that African Union troops who killed seven civilians, including five children, in January acted in self defense after being ambushed. Shabaab claimed to have killed an intelligence chief in Mogadishu and said that eight militiamen defected from the government in Qansaxdhere.

Militant Threats Test Role of a Pentagon Command in Africa

A suicide bomber killed four people in an attack that targeted a senior police official in Galkayo. Shabaab claimed credit for the attack and said that six "apostate troops" were killed.

Exclusive: U.N. monitors see arms reaching Somalia from Yemen, Iran

Have hired guns finally scuppered Somali pirates?

Shabaab claimed that 204 "apostate militia" members defected from the government in Qansaxdhere, Gedo, and Bay and Bakool over the past three months. Britain will deploy military advisers to Mogadishu.