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Shabaab killed an Africa Union soldier and a civilian in an IED attack in Kismayo. The deputy mayor of BaIdoa was seriously wounded after government forces clashed in the city. Ethiopian forces withdrew from Baidoa just two days ago.

Shabaab claimed it killed seven Ugandan "invaders" in an attack in Jannaale. Amniyat, Shabaab's intelligence service, is in charge of protecting Sheikh Mukhtar Abu Zubayr, Shabaab's emir.

Shabaab claimed it killed 13 Kenyan soldiers in an attack on an airbase in Kismayo. Ethiopian troops have withdrawn from bases in Baidoa and turned over security to African Union forces. The Kenyan government denied a UN report that claimed Kenyan troops exported charcoal from Kismayo despite a UNSC ban.

Exclusive - Kenyan peacekeepers aided illegal Somalia charcoal export

A Shabaab suicide car bomb killed at least three civilians when it exploded after targeting a convoy of African Union peacekeepers near the UN Development Programme base in Mogadishu. The blast destroyed nearby shops and damaged an AU vehicle. In a separate attack, insurgents threw a grenade into a downtown hotel, killing two people and injuring at least 10. Shabaab also claimed it placed a bomb under an AU fuel tanker north of Mogadishu.

Are the Islamists truly on the ropes?

Somali American caught up in a shadowy Pentagon counterpropaganda campaign

A government official claimed that senior Shabaab leader Sheikh Mukhtar Robow Abu Mansour is negotiating with the administration in Bakool after clashes there killed seven. Shabaab claimed it killed four Ugandan soldiers and that government troops are defecting.

Shabaab comments on Egyptian coup

The World Health Organization said that 71 people have been killed and more than 300 more have been wounded during recent fighting in Kismayo. Colonel Bare Hirale said he will retake Kismayo by force.

Arms ship seized by Yemen may have been Somalia-bound: UN

The government jailed Hassan Dahir Aweys and several tribal leaders after they flew to Mogadishu. Kenyan troops in Kismayo reportedly backed the Ras Kamboni militia in its fight against another militia led by Colonel Bare Hirale.

Shabaab confirms 2 top leaders were killed in infighting

Ibrahim al Afghani, a jihadist leader closely linked to al Qaeda, and Abul Hamid Hashi Olhayi, were killed during Shabaab infighting in Barawe. Hassan Dahir Aweys is reportedly in custody in Mogadishu.

Shabaab fighters claimed to have killed two of their senior commanders: Abul Hamid Hashi Olhayi, a co-founder of the group; and Ibrahim Haji Jama Mead, a.k.a. al Afghani, who is wanted by the US. Top Shabaab leader Ahmed Abdi Godane allegedly ordered the arrest of al Afghani and a number of other commanders earlier this month. Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys, another senior Shabaab leader who is wanted by the US, fled the infighting and was flown to Mogadishu; it is unclear whether he surrendered or defected. The government is willing to discuss options with Aweys if he renounces violence.

Shabaab commander Hassan Dahir Aweys has not surrendered to the government and said he will not negotiate with the Somali government. Kenya troops arrested senior Somali officials in Kismayo.

Senior Shabaab leader Hassan Dahir Aweys was reportedly captured by pirates in Barawe. Another report indicates he will surrender to government officials and reconcile. Shabaab claimed it killed "14 enemy invaders and 23 apostate militia."

A member of parliament was assassinated in Mogadishu. Shabaab attacked troops from Sierre Leone at their base in Taabto. The African Union has begun to train 100 Somali policemen.

Shabaab claimed it killed five "invaders from Sierra Leon" during an ambush on a convoy near Dhobley. Shabaab also claimed it killed five "apostates" in an attack on a base outside of Baidoa. The reports have not been confirmed.

Shabaab suicide assault team storms UN compound in Mogadishu

Eight fighters from al Qaeda's affiliate in Somalia penetrated security at a United Nations Development Program compound, killing several UN employees.

West African Piracy Exceeds Somali Attacks, Report Says