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Shabaab fighters claimed to have killed two of their senior commanders: Abul Hamid Hashi Olhayi, a co-founder of the group; and Ibrahim Haji Jama Mead, a.k.a. al Afghani, who is wanted by the US. Top Shabaab leader Ahmed Abdi Godane allegedly ordered the arrest of al Afghani and a number of other commanders earlier this month. Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys, another senior Shabaab leader who is wanted by the US, fled the infighting and was flown to Mogadishu; it is unclear whether he surrendered or defected. The government is willing to discuss options with Aweys if he renounces violence.

Shabaab commander Hassan Dahir Aweys has not surrendered to the government and said he will not negotiate with the Somali government. Kenya troops arrested senior Somali officials in Kismayo.

Senior Shabaab leader Hassan Dahir Aweys was reportedly captured by pirates in Barawe. Another report indicates he will surrender to government officials and reconcile. Shabaab claimed it killed "14 enemy invaders and 23 apostate militia."

A member of parliament was assassinated in Mogadishu. Shabaab attacked troops from Sierre Leone at their base in Taabto. The African Union has begun to train 100 Somali policemen.

Shabaab claimed it killed five "invaders from Sierra Leon" during an ambush on a convoy near Dhobley. Shabaab also claimed it killed five "apostates" in an attack on a base outside of Baidoa. The reports have not been confirmed.

Shabaab suicide assault team storms UN compound in Mogadishu

Eight fighters from al Qaeda's affiliate in Somalia penetrated security at a United Nations Development Program compound, killing several UN employees.

West African Piracy Exceeds Somali Attacks, Report Says

Somali soldiers and a militia clashed in Kismayo; 14 fighters from both sides are reported to have been killed. Shabaab's administrator for Bula Barde is said to have died after being wounded during fighting in the region.

Shabaab claimed it killed four Burundian troops in an ambush in Baidoa. Two people were killed in an IED attack that targeted a senior government official in Mogadishu.

Shabaab claimed it executed two "apostate" spies in Barawe; the men were identified as Ali Hussain Wiilow and Fuad Nuur Alasow. Gunmen executed a senior military commander in Hobyo.

Shabaab killed five civilians in Johwar; the group claimed it killed seven "apostates" in the town. Shabaab also claimed it killed 10 Sierra Leon troops near Dhobley. Security forces captured Shabaab commander Abdikafi Mohamed Ali in Puntland; one soldier was killed during the raid..

Shabaab claimed it overran a Ugandan military base outside of Mogadishu and killed 14 soldiers and captured the base commander. Shabaab also displayed two Kenyan hostages in the town of Idlib.

Suspected pirates face unprecedented trial in US court

In Somalia, some parents say no to polio vaccine

Ten people are thought to have been killed during clashes between Shabaab and African Union forces in Lower Shabelle. Security forces imposed a curfew and rounded up Shabaab suspects in Jowhar. Troops from Sierra Leone arrived in Mogadishu.

Shabaab forces attacked an Ethiopian and Somali base in El Berde, the only town in Bakool under government control. Shabaab claimed to have killed six Ugandan troops in Balidogle. A senior government official was gunned down in the former Shabaab stronghold of Jowhar.

Drone death Londoner's Somalia links probed

Radical Islamists in Britain Prove a Challenge to Security

Shabaab claimed it killed eight Kenyan soldiers and captured two more during a raid in Dhamajale. Heavy fighting was reported between Shabaab and government forces south of Dhobley.

A government official claimed that 12 Shabaab fighters were killed after clashing with a group of nomads in Beledweyne. Three Ethiopian soldiers were seriously wounded in an IED attack in Beledweyne.