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US drones killed two Shabaab commanders in a strike in the town of Jilib in southern Somalia. A Shabaab commander known as Anta Anta, who was an explosives and suicide bombing expert, was killed in the airstrike.

Abdulkadir Mohamed Abdulkadir, a top Shabaab leader who was the target of a US Navy SEALs raid in Barawe, spent about a year in Britain in 2007 before returning to Somalia. Somali and Ethiopian forces clashed with Shabaab in Ufurow and Awdiinle; 10 soldiers on both sides were reported killed. Four people were killed in a grenade attack in Janale. Shabaab executed a man in Labatan-Jirow after convicting him of raping and murdering a young girl.

Norway's Somalis worry extremism is spreading

Five Shabaab and government soldiers were killed during clashes in Elbarde; the military claimed it took control of the town. Shabaab has blockaded the town of Qansah Dhere. Security forces detained six suspects involved in Shabaab's recent suicide attack in Beledweyne.

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Military rally, suicide attack highlight Shabaab's resilience in Somalia

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Let's admit it, we overlooked and underestimated al Shabaab

Al-Shabaab hate video 'threatens prominent British Muslims'

Shabaab claimed credit for today's suicide attack at a cafe in Beledweyne that killed 16 people, including seven Somali soldiers. The Shabaab spokesman said the target of the attack was African Union peacekeepers from Ethiopia and Djibouti.

Exclusive: U.N. Uncovers 'Credible' New al-Shabab Terror Plot

Seven people were killed as Shabaab and government forces clashed outside of Mogadishu. Three soldiers were killed in a clash with a militia on the outskirts of the capital. The African Union agreed to boost the number of peacekeepers in Somalia by 35 percent.

Shabaab fighters executed three tailors in Mogadishu. Samantha Lewthwaite, the "white widow" who is wanted for her associations with Shabaab, recently tweeted that she was traveling in Galgala.

'White Widow' Lewthwaite 'Key' In Al Shabaab

Ten people were killed after government forces clashed with Shabaab in the El-Dhun Adegow area of Bay province; Shabaab is in control of the area. Shabaab killed three people in an IED attack in Beled Hawo.

Extremist Group Gains Foothold Among Kenyans

Somalia's defense minister said the military is preparing to "liberate" Barawe, the town under Shabaab control where US SEALs attempted to capture Ikrima, a top terrorist commander. Shabaab arrested a businessman in Barawe and accused him of aiding the US in the raid.

Using new counterterror guidelines, US forces backed off in Somalia raid

US justifies Somalia raid under AUMF, which Obama seeks to repeal

The US Navy SEALs raid that targeted a Shabaab leader known as Ikrima was justified under the 2001 Authorization to Use Military Force. President Obama has called for the repeal of the AUMF, and support to do so is gaining in Congress.

Target of SEAL raid in Somalia tied to top al Qaeda leaders