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Three Shabaab fighters were killed when Somali and AMISOM soldiers captured Buq-gosar village, west of Beledweyne. In Kismayo, the police have accused Shabaab of planting a roadside bomb that killed one person and wounded six on Monday, while two suspected Shabaab members were arrested for entering the city illegally. Unconfirmed reports indicate that the two were British passport holders.

AMISOM and Somali troops have launched a fresh assault to liberate central Somalia. In Lower Shabelle, a Shabaab landmine missed an AMISOM convoy, killing at least 21 camels instead. A judge was assassinated by Shabaab in Hurwa.

Recent Shabaab suicide assaults spur Somali and AMISOM operations

The United Nations has approved a plan to integrate Ethiopian troops into AMISOM and increase the number of peacekeepers to over 22,000. Shabaab infighting continues, with the detention today of Yusuf Isse and other leaders by Ahmad Abdi Godane.

Another Shabaab suicide assault in Beledweyne

A senior AMISOM commander said the force will gain 4,000 additional troops and may renew its offensive against Shabaab. In Beledweyne, Shabaab carried out a suicide assault on a police station, killing at least 21 people.

Shabaab has retaken the town of Kudhaa without meeting any resistance. A Shabaab commander confirmed local reports that Kenyan forces and the Raskamboni militia withdrew before their arrival. The reversal comes hours after the UN approved additional troops for Somalia and an AU official acknowledged that progress made against Shabaab was starting to recede.

Somalia sees rise in militant defectors who can aid spy service, but some carry out attacks

Ethiopian troops will join Kenyan and Ugandan troops in the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM). The Somali government welcomed the move and stressed the need for collaboration between the two neighboring countries.

Ten Shabaab fighters were killed during clashes between two factions in Bulo-Mare. The United Nations approved the expansion of AMISOM forces to 22,000 troops. Government officials estimate that more than 300 people died during a cyclone that struck in Puntland.

A suspected Shabaab suicide bombing outside a Mogadishu hotel killed at least six people, including a top Somali diplomat, and injured 15 more yesterday. Authorities claimed to have repelled a raid by 30 to 40 armed Shabaab militants on Bossaso Central prison in Puntland.

Somalia: Shabaab ousts traditional elders in favor of loyalists

Somalia's future relies on an army that does not yet exist

Former spy: Kenya mall attack 'could have been prevented'

No Morsel Too Minuscule for All-Consuming NSA

Six people were killed as Puntland security forces clashed with a "militia" that included Shabaab fighters and pirates in the village of Godod near Galkayo. Puntland officials accused the Somali government of funding the groups.

Pirates use millions of dollars in ransom on drugs, prostitutes

Qatar's influence in Somalia edges out traditional Arab power-house Egypt

The Kenyan Defense Forces claimed to have bombed a Shabaab training camp in Dinsoor that was allegedly used by the Westgate Mall attackers. A Shabaab spokesperson denied that any of its camps had been struck. Shabaab released a video yesterday showing an attack on military defenses in Afdamow. A top UN official called for a surge of some 4,400 African Union troops and substantial UN assistance in order to avoid losing the battle against Shabaab.

Suspected Somali pirates captured by Navy-led forces after attack on supertanker