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A suspected Shabaab suicide bombing outside a Mogadishu hotel killed at least six people, including a top Somali diplomat, and injured 15 more yesterday. Authorities claimed to have repelled a raid by 30 to 40 armed Shabaab militants on Bossaso Central prison in Puntland.

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Six people were killed as Puntland security forces clashed with a "militia" that included Shabaab fighters and pirates in the village of Godod near Galkayo. Puntland officials accused the Somali government of funding the groups.

Pirates use millions of dollars in ransom on drugs, prostitutes

Qatar's influence in Somalia edges out traditional Arab power-house Egypt

The Kenyan Defense Forces claimed to have bombed a Shabaab training camp in Dinsoor that was allegedly used by the Westgate Mall attackers. A Shabaab spokesperson denied that any of its camps had been struck. Shabaab released a video yesterday showing an attack on military defenses in Afdamow. A top UN official called for a surge of some 4,400 African Union troops and substantial UN assistance in order to avoid losing the battle against Shabaab.

Suspected Somali pirates captured by Navy-led forces after attack on supertanker

US drones kill 2 Shabaab operatives in southern Somalia

A senior explosives expert was one of two Shabaab members killed in the airstrike. Today's drone strike is the second reported US raid this month targeting a top Shabaab leader.

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US drones killed two Shabaab commanders in a strike in the town of Jilib in southern Somalia. A Shabaab commander known as Anta Anta, who was an explosives and suicide bombing expert, was killed in the airstrike.

Abdulkadir Mohamed Abdulkadir, a top Shabaab leader who was the target of a US Navy SEALs raid in Barawe, spent about a year in Britain in 2007 before returning to Somalia. Somali and Ethiopian forces clashed with Shabaab in Ufurow and Awdiinle; 10 soldiers on both sides were reported killed. Four people were killed in a grenade attack in Janale. Shabaab executed a man in Labatan-Jirow after convicting him of raping and murdering a young girl.

Norway's Somalis worry extremism is spreading

Five Shabaab and government soldiers were killed during clashes in Elbarde; the military claimed it took control of the town. Shabaab has blockaded the town of Qansah Dhere. Security forces detained six suspects involved in Shabaab's recent suicide attack in Beledweyne.

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