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President Obama's 'successful' counterterrorism strategy in Yemen in limbo

US military confirms Shabaab's intel chief killed in airstrike

Islamic State, Shabaab leaders added to US terrorism list

US military confirms Shabaab's emir was target of airstrike

Shabaab suicide assault team hits Somali intelligence HQ in Mogadishu

Shabaab takes credit for double suicide bombings in Djibouti

Suicide bombers attacked Western soldiers in Djibouti

Shabaab suicide bomber kills 12 in Mogadishu

Shabaab assassinates leader of Jubbaland security forces

7 killed as Shabaab targets UN officials in Mogadishu

2nd Shabaab attack on Mogadishu's Jazeera hotel

Shabaab experiences setbacks in Bay region

Shabaab returns to Twitter nearly 3 months after Westgate

Shabaab strikes in Puntland

Recent Shabaab suicide assaults spur Somali and AMISOM operations

Another Shabaab suicide assault in Beledweyne

Shabaab offers condolences to Mullah Omar and Zawahiri over Hakeemullah Mehsud's death

Military rally, suicide attack highlight Shabaab's resilience in Somalia

Kenya names 4 jihadists involved in Westgate mall assault

Zawahiri's man in Shabaab's 'secret service'