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Samantha Lewthwaite: The quiet Home Counties girl who now tops the list of terrorism suspects

Global jihad: smoke signals from Mumbai to Nairobi

Jihadist networks share first photo of 'Nairobi mall attackers'

Kenyan forces end Shabaab's siege at mall

President Kenyatta said that five Shabaab fighters were killed and 11 more were captured. Sixty-two civilians and six Kenyan troops were killed during the attack on the Westgate Mall.

In Kenya, the fear of terrorism was a constant companion

Shabaab threatens 'big surprise' as siege at Kenyan mall continues

Kenya : How 'white widow' Samantha Lewthwaite has escaped anti-terror police traps all along

Kenya : Detectives put Westgate Shopping Mall tenants on spot as investigation takes new turn

Israeli officials confirm sending experts team to advise on Kenya standoff

Kenya Mall Carnage Shows Shabab Resilience

Shabaab suicide teams target civilians in assault on Kenyan mall

At least 59 people have been killed and over 150 wounded in the largest terrorist attack in Kenya since al Qaeda's 1998 bombing of the US Embassy. The Shabaab assault teams singled out non-Muslims for execution. The attack is similar to Lashkar-e-Taiba's assault on Mumbai in 2008.

Court document references al Qaeda-linked chemical weapons program in Somalia

Competing jihadist groups comment on reports of Hammami's death

AQIM, Shabaab recall and praise 9/11 attacks

Shabaab kills American jihadist Omar Hammami and British fighter

hammamiauto560.jpgShabaab's intelligence service, the Amniyatt Mukhabarat, appears to have finally tracked down and killed Hammami, who has been at odds with the group's emir for more than a year. Hammami recently renounced his ties to al Qaeda and Shabaab.

Shabaab deploys 'new batch of Mujahideen fighters'

Shabaab, ITMC urge jihadists to take precautions as Syria strikes loom

Shabaab urges Egyptian Muslims to 'pick up arms and defend yourself'

Killing Lions, Buying Bombs

Jihadists turn to Twitter