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Kenya: Conflicting Claims Over Use of US Drones in Somalia

Shabaab claims American involved in Mogadishu suicide assault

Shabaab released an audiotape from Cabdi Salaam al Muhajir, who they claimed is an American citizen. Al Muhajir is one of two suicide bombers who attacked an African Union base in Mogadishu.

US denies role in Kenya's Somalia operation

Somali Islamist militants call for 'mujahideen trained by Osama'

US drone base in Ethiopia is operational

US Reapers flying from Ethiopia

Kenyan Motives in Somalia Predate Recent Abductions

Who is "the Foreigner," al-Qaida's new aid emissary to Somalia?

France to help supply Kenyans fighting in Somalia

Kenya Says Western Nations Have Joined Somalia Fight

Kenya: Region backs operation against Somali militants

Shabaab claims killing of scores of African Union fighters in Mogadishu

Warning: The image shown is graphic. Shabaab displays the bodies of scores of men it claimed are African Union troops. The AU dismissed the claim as propaganda.

Kenyan military vows to take Shabaab stronghold of Kismayo

The Kenyan Army is advancing on the southern port city from the south, and has taken control of Ras Kamboni.

Kenya: Somali militant attacks hurting economy

Kenyan Officials, After Troops, Make Surprise Somalia Visit

Suicide bomber kills 15 Somalis in Mogadishu

Today's attack takes place as Kenyan forces are advancing on Shabaab strongholds in the south.

Kenyan forces enter the fray in southern Somalia

Somali forces capture Shabaab-controlled area

UNHCR reduces Kenya aid operation after MSF abductions

'Al-Qaeda' distributes Somalia aid near Mogadishu