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Shabaab executes 3 alleged spies

North Mali terrorist haven threatens Africa -leaders

After attacks, Kenyan Muslims guard Christian churches

Detained UK suspect trained by Shabaab

An al Qaeda suspect detained in the UK after visiting the site of the Olympic Games was trained by and fought with Shabaab, al Qaeda's affiliate in Somalia. Leaked US government files show that Shabaab has sought to use its recruits in al Qaeda's plots against the West.

Kenya: Death of Muslim preacher exposes the real face of terror

Africa facing sharp rise in Islamic extremism

2 Eritrean officials designated for supporting Shabaab

Two Eritrean intelligence officials were designated by the US Treasury Department for supporting Shabaab, al Qaeda's affiliate in Somalia. One of the two men is an explosives expert who has allegedly provided training to Shabaab operatives in Eritrea.

Bin Laden advised Somali militants on 'good governance'

15 Christians killed in attacks on churches in northern Kenya

Africa's Islamist militants 'co-ordinate efforts'

Analysis: Somali rebels bruised, but may dodge knockout blow

After Kismayu, the real battle begins

Pentagon aims to be proactive in countering terror threat in Africa

Rewards for Justice releases wanted poster for Shabaab leaders

Obama Admits US Is Fighting Al Qaeda in Somalia and Yemen

More Shabab militants defect to join Somali forces

US expands secret intelligence operations in Africa

Kenyan minister George Saitoti's death in helicopter crash fuels terrorism fears

US threatens sanctions on Somalis who block peace plan

Hope of a new dawn in Somalia as hundreds flee Islamists' ranks