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Balkans launch fight against jihadist recruitment

Balkan fighters abroad: Holy warriors

Balkan Militants Join Syria's Rebel Cause

About 100 ultraconservative Wahabi Muslims gathered in Novi Patar in Sandzak, calling for Muslim unity and the imposition of sharia. Earlier, thousands marched in Novi Patar in protest against the film "Innocence of Muslims."

Serbia: Thousands of Muslim football fans protest anti-Islam film

Shots fired as K-For tackles Kosovo Serb roadblocks

Bosnia imams speak out after attack on US embassy

Kosovo, EU deploy customs, police in restive North

Better security curbing nuclear terrorism: UN body

BBC world service leaves the Balkans

Radical Islam on rise in Balkans

North Korean arms plane linked to East European arms traffickers

Remnants of Iraq Air Force are found

A special terrorism court in Belgrade sentenced 11 members of a radical Islamist group for plotting terror attacks and possessing weapons. Senad Ramovic, the group's leader, was sentenced to 13 years in prision while the others received terms of between six months to eight years in jail.

Wahabi leader killed in clash with Serbia police