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France wants action on Libya, stops short of African calls for intervention

US, France propose UN sanctions on 15 foreign Islamist fighters

Interactive: France's new game plan to counter jihadism in Africa

Africa facing terrorism "storm"--Senegalese president

UNICEF Urges Action to Prevent CAR 'Catastrophe'

German Military Faces a Difficult Year in Africa and Afghanistan

Treasury designates Hezbollah operatives in West Africa

The Treasury Department designated four Hezbollah operatives based in West Africa. The operatives are said to have helped Hezbollah in its recruitment and fundraising efforts, among other activities.

President Sall warned that the threat of Islamism remains in the Sahel even though it has been "seriously contained" in Mali. He praised France and the "synergy" that has arisen between France and north African countries battling the Islamist threat. Senegal currently has 815 soldiers deployed with the AFISMA mission in Mali.

President Sall said Senegal is stepping up security along its border with Mali to prevent spillover of the Malian Islamist insurgency into his country. Senegal supports the French-led intervention in Mali and has contributed several hundred troops to the effort.

French Intervention in Mali Raises Threat of Domestic Terrorism, Judge Says

Military forces arrested Mohamed Ahmed Aidara, 34, a Mauritanian, in Pakour near the border with Guinea Bissau. He is charged with recruiting fighters for al Qaeda in Mali.

Mali Army, Riding US Hopes, Is Proving No Match for Militants

African troops bound for Mali as France battles militants

Analysis: Mali - one African war France could not avoid

France launches air strike on al-Qaeda in Mali

Plan to Combat Mali's Militants Finds Few Takers

Security forces detained 10 suspected al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb fighters during an operation in Dagana, a town along the Mauritanian border. Ten imams and students suspected of plotting terror attacks were detained in Matam.

Destroying Timbuktu: The Jihadist who Inspires the Demolition of the Shrines

Senegalese intelligence said that "specific threats of attacks" in the country from al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb have emerged as Senegal plans to deploy troops to Mali. "It now regards Senegal as a hostile country."

ECOWAS has Mali force troop pledge, still lacks backing