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Scotland - Cardinal Keith O'Brien urges Christians to 'proudly' wear cross

Sweden - 'There's no reason to fear another attack'

The last days of a suicide bomber

British prosecutors ask Libya's NTC for Lockerbie help

A man detained in Glasgow on Mar. 8 faces terrorism charges in connection with the December 2010 suicide bombing in Stockholm. He is thought to be Kuwaiti and to have used different names in the past.

A 30-year-old Kuwaiti named AK al Khalede is being questioned about possible links to the Dec. 11 Stockholm suicide bombing. UK authorities believe the man, a pre-nursing student in Glasgow, may have been involved in financing the attack.

Scottish police today arrested a 30-year-old foreign national in connection with the Dec. 11 suicide bombing in Stockholm, Sweden. The man was arrested in Glasgow, where the investigation is continuing. Police said the suspect may have been involved in terrorist activity outside Scotland.

Report: British government advocated release of Lockerbie bomber