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Saudi Arabia accuses 8 of aiding and financing al Qaeda

Saudi Arabia charged eight defendants with providing weaponry and financial funding to al Qaeda in support of terrorist operations inside and outside the kingdom.

Syria war: new push against Assad being planned, reports suggest

Saudi religious police level ancient graves

Spurning Gulf Arab pressure, Qatar says foreign policy non-negotiable

Saudis, world community react to new Saudi terror law

Saudi Arabia Moves Against the Muslim Brotherhood

The Interior Ministry said it has designated the Muslim Brotherhood, the Al Nusrah Front, and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham as terrorist organizations. Saudi authorities are becoming concerned that jihadists will return from Syria and continue terrorist activities. Also designated were Shia Houthi rebels in Yemen and a Saudi Hezbollah group. Three men were sentenced to death for their roles in the 2003 al Qaeda suicide bombing of the al-Muhaya compound in Riyadh; two other men received 17-year sentences, but one was released due to ill health.

Saudi Arabia sentences 3 al Qaeda members to death

Bleak future for Lebanon as Syria war enters fourth year

Saudi jihadist says forced to join ISIS in Syria

Arab states withdraw ambassadors from Qatar in protest at 'interference'

Syrian rebel force to receive Saudi arms has worked with al Qaeda group

The Cabinet issued a statement calling on all foreign fighters to withdraw from Syria and said they should be subject to international prosecution for any war crimes committed there. It also condemned "terrorism in all its forms."

From Riyadh to Beirut, fear of Syria blowback

Responding to Russian criticism of the reported Saudi plan to provide MANPADs to Syrian rebels, the Foreign Ministry blamed Russian support of the Assad regime for the prolongation of the Syrian conflict. King Abdullah recently decreed that any citizen who fights abroad faces three to 20 years in prison, and anyone who incites others to fight abroad can get five to 30 years. While official estimates say no more than 3,000 Saudis are fighting in Syria, the actual number may be as high as 15,000.

Top Military Body Against Syria's Assad Is in Chaos, Undermining Fight

Saudi religious police to monitor social media?

Saudi Arabia is reportedly seeking Pakistan's help in the provision of antiaircraft and antitank weapons for Syrian rebels. The Grand Mufti called on Saudi Arabians to donate to the Saudi National Campaign to Support Brothers in Syria. Between June 2012 and June 2013, the fund distributed over $114 million in support of displaced Syrians in Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, and Syria.

Saudi-Qatari rivalry, depot raid blamed for Free Syrian Army reshuffle

Saudi Internet monitors turn focus on Syria-fuelled radicalism