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Converging Interests May Lead to Cooperation Between Israel and Gulf States

Jordan's Muslim Brotherhood maintains grassroots support

Rubaish responds to Saudi Arabia's terrorism designations

Egypt army extends power by taking charge of Gulf aid

Highlighting Hatred in Saudi Textbooks

The Ansar al-Sham Battalions

Saudi clerics decry "blasphemous" cartoon series

Textbook Diplomacy: Why the State Department Shelved a Study on Incitement in Saudi Education Materials

Lebanon calls for support for army to counter Syria fallout

AQAP releases first installment of 'Journey of Jihad' video series

The media wing of al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula released the first installment of "Journey of Jihad" documenting Sa'id al Shihri's life.

Saudi jihadi recounts his time with ISIS

Topple Ahmad Jarba? Not so fast ...

A court sentenced 13 men to prison terms of up to 14 years for supporting terrorism, training at al Qaeda bases, and recruiting for jihad abroad. Among the nine Saudis, two Jordanians, an Egyptian, and a Syrian, some had financed terrorism in Iraq. Saudi officials decided to stop issuing tourist visas, in order to keep Saudi tourists inside the kingdom. The Ministry of Islamic Affairs said that al Qaeda is using second-generation female members to entice young male and female recruits to the organization, by means of interactions in online forums and websites.

Syrian opposition leader denies being a war profiteer

Exclusive: The mysterious journey of the Libya oil tanker

Jarba re-election likely to test Saudi-Qatari rift

Searching for Al Qaeda in Lebanon (I): Coming of Age

US SEALs Take Control of Diverted Libyan Oil Tanker

Yemen faces increasing weapons, drugs smuggling problem

Saudis hardened by wars in Syria, Iraq join al Qaeda in Yemen