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Saudi DNA results confirm neither Asiri nor Wuhayshi killed in US drone strike

Pakistan extradited two wanted individuals to Saudi Arabia: Adel Felayeh Salim Al-Eneizi, who was on the kingdom's 2009 wanted list; and Muhammad Hamid Al-Juhani, who was on the 2011 wanted list of "extremely dangerous" al Qaeda-linked terrorists. Upon arrival in Riyadh on May 3 the two were given medical checkups and allowed to see their families. A group called the "al-Zarqawiyya Battalion in the Land of the Two Holy Mosques" announced its formation and said it would target Shiites in Saudi Arabia. Authorities expect 500 international schools to close due to a shortage of government-sponsored teachers.

Saudis, Chechens, Afghans killed during recent fighting in southern Yemen

Foreigners are said to make up the majority of the 37 al Qaeda fighters killed during Yemeni military operations in the southern province of Shabwa.

Former US diplomat warns of possible 'grave mistake' in Syria

CIA's resolve to track weapons complicates push to arm Syria rebels

Saudi authorities arrested two Saudi women who were attempting to cross into Yemen to join al Qaeda. Earlier this month, another Saudi woman, Arwa Baghdadi, also fled to Yemen to join her husband, imprisoned al Qaeda member Yassin Al Barakati. Last week the Special Court acquitted seven suspects accused of terrorism-related crimes including raising funds for al Qaeda under the guise of charitable organizations and trying to provide weapons to al Qaeda in Iraq; 13 others were convicted.

The Saudi-Brotherhood divide

The Special Court in Riyadh sentenced three terrorists from the 85-member Turki al Dandani group to death, and handed out prison sentences ranging from two to 26 years to 40 others. Two days ago, five terrorists received death sentences for bombings in 2003.

Editorial: UK school plot thickens

ISIS' 'Diyala Division' lauds foreign suicide bombers, including Dane

The Diyala Division praised 26 suicide bombers, including foreign fighters from Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Tajikistan, Chechnya, and Denmark.

Yemen FM calls for donor money to fight security threats

Jordanian jihadis returning from Syria war rattle US-aligned kingdom

Saudi intelligence chief replaced by his deputy

Rebel videos show first US-made rockets in Syria

Arming the 'moderate' rebels in the Syrian south

Lebanon - Future Movement, Al-Jamaa al-Islamiya re-examine ties

Saudi Arabia's ambassador to Turkey said that although the grace period for returning jihadists expired on March 20, such fighters are still approaching Saudi embassies and asking for help in returning home. He also indicated they are still welcome to return, saying, "Our doors will always remain open for all Saudis coming from conflict regions or any other area." The majority are young and are coming from Syria, he said.

US accused of supplying anti-tank weapons to Syrian rebels

Delays in Effort to Refocus CIA From Drone War

Saudi Arabia convicts 18 of involvement in al Qaeda