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Saudi Arabia is reportedly seeking Pakistan's help in the provision of antiaircraft and antitank weapons for Syrian rebels. The Grand Mufti called on Saudi Arabians to donate to the Saudi National Campaign to Support Brothers in Syria. Between June 2012 and June 2013, the fund distributed over $114 million in support of displaced Syrians in Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, and Syria.

Saudi-Qatari rivalry, depot raid blamed for Free Syrian Army reshuffle

Saudi Internet monitors turn focus on Syria-fuelled radicalism

Saudis Agree to Provide Syrian Rebels With Mobile Antiaircraft Missiles

Female AQAP fundraiser reportedly transferred to Saudi Arabia

Foreign regimes use spyware against journalists, even in US

Saudi Arabia's religious police 'contains extremists'

Jordan's balancing act on Syria

Saudi MSC in Jerusalem fighter fought in Libya, sought to join 'mujahideen' in Somalia

Saudi national Adi Saleh Abdullah al Fudhayli al Hadhli, who died in June 2012 in an attack against Israel, had originally sought to join the "mujahideen" in Somalia. In 2011, he traveled to Libya to fight in the Libyan civil war.

As Afghan War closes, allies see broader American pullback

US secretly backs rebels to fight al Qaeda in Syria

'Living suicide bomb' rejoins al-Qaida after Saudi deprogramming

Rewards offered for Maghreb terrorists

State media said two German diplomats survived an attack by gunmen in Awamiya; their vehicle was torched. The two Germans reportedly escaped harm with the help of a Saudi citizen.

Iraq's Maliki to revive Sunni militia role against al Qaeda

A court sentenced to death the leader of an al Qaeda cell that attacked foreigners in Yanbu in May 2004; two Americans, two Britons, and an Australian were killed in the attack. Ten other jihadists were given prison sentences of between three to 10 years.

As Assad lingers, Turkey focuses on ISIS

A Saudi court convicted 15 of 22 men accused of providing support to al Qaeda, including fundraising, weapons training, sheltering known terrorists, fighting in theaters of jihad, and forging documents. They were sentenced to terms ranging from two to 15 years.

Saudis Back Syrian Rebels Despite Risks

The Women of al Qaeda