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Reuters faces fresh hacker attack

Saudis attempt to block Vatican plan for .catholic web addresses

US and Gulf Allies Pursue a Missile Shield Against Iranian Attack

Saudi Arabia accuses Myanmar of 'ethnic cleansing' of Muslims

US adds Saudi al Qaeda leader in Afghanistan to terror list

Mansur al Harbi runs an al Qaeda training camp in Afghanistan, and helps foreign fighters enter the country. He has close ties to top al Qaeda leaders, including Saif al Adel.

Egypt issues fatwa on Muslims who publicly ignore Ramadan fast

Turkish Alawites Fear Spillover of Violence From Syria

Analysis: No happy outcome in Syria as conflict turns into proxy war

Ex-Guantanamo detainee surrenders to Saudis

Sayegh.JPGAn ex-Gitmo detainee named Adnan al Sayegh has reportedly turned himself into Saudi authorities. Al Sayegh was a member of al Qaeda's 55th Arab Brigade, which fought alongside the Taliban in pre-9/11 Afghanistan. He joined al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula after his release from Guantanamo.

Egypt unnerved by rising religious fervor

LeT funded Abu Jundal's time in Saudi Arabia: Report

Will Ethiopian crackdown stir Islamist backlash?

Saudi Students Flood In as US Reopens Door

Iyad Ag Ghaly - Mali's Islamist leader

Is this al Qaeda's 'last chance' for a country?

Turkey a hub for Syria revolution as illegal border crossing points abound

Arabic TV series depicting Islamic figure triggers backlash

In Syria conflict, US struggles to fill intelligence gaps

The government freed five women who are linked to al Qaeda leaders and operatives. Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula has demanded their release in exchange for a diplomat who was captured in Yemen; the Saudi government denied that the women's release is related.

Analysis: Saudi Shi'ite protests show rise of more radical generation