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Hagel: Taking out Assad 'won't put ISIL back in the box'

Why arming rebels will fuel Syria's inferno

Syrian official: negotiations with US blocked by Saudi Arabia

AQAP eulogizes fighter killed in attack on Saudi border crossing

Missiles of ISIS May Pose Peril for Aircrews

Pro-al Qaeda Saudi ideologue criticizes jihadist leaders in Syria, calls for unity

A popular pro-al Qaeda jihadist ideologue who relocated from Saudi Arabia to Syria last year has criticized the Islamic State's rivals on his Twitter feed. Abdallah Muhammad al Muhaysini says that the failures of various jihadist leaders have driven the youth into the Islamic State's arms.

Islamic State imposes new rules on education in Syria, Iraq

Syrian National Coalition Fails to Elect New Prime Minister

German, Saudi, and Turkish Islamic State fighters launch complex suicide attack

Who are the members of the coalition against ISIS?

France says $3B Lebanon weapons deal to go ahead

Arab Leaders Attack Islamic State With Intel

Opinion over jihadists divides hajj pilgrims

UK Army chiefs tell Government: stop Gulf states funding terrorism

Arab nations join Syria strikes as Al Nusrah Front threatens retaliation

US, Defending Kurds in Syria, Expands Airstrikes Against Islamic State Militants

Islamist fighters advance in Syria despite US strikes

Obama, After Airstrikes in Syria, Says US Will 'Take the Fight' to ISIS

US, France propose UN sanctions on 15 foreign Islamist fighters

Islamic State urges attacks on US, French citizens, taunts Obama