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Syrian Conflict Takes New Turn for the Worse

Al-Qaida affiliates operating in Syria, says William Hague

Study shows Saudi ambivalence on radicalism

Although Saudi government efforts have reduced open support for al Qaeda, current and former clerics still provide fodder for extremists.

Crude Oil Output Is Soaring in Iraq, Easing Markets

Inside an al Qaeda stronghold in Yemen

ISAF kills al Qaeda's 2nd in command for Afghanistan

Sakhr al Taifi, a senior leader from Saudi Arabia who communicated with top al Qaeda leaders based in Pakistan, was killed in yesterday's airstrike in Kunar.

Massive cyber-attack discovered, researchers say

US officials among the targets of Iran-linked assassination plots

For Saudi ex-jihadis: a stipend, a wife, and a new life

US adds Abdullah Azzam Brigades to list of terror groups

Today's designation takes place after the terror group's emir and top bomb maker were added to the list of global terrorists late last year.

Yemen says air strikes, troops kills seven militants

Bahrain, Qatar, UAE urge citizens to stay away from Lebanon

FBI Chief Says Leak on Qaeda Plot Is Under Investigation

Syrian rebels get influx of arms with gulf neighbors' money, US coordination

Saudi Arabia Seeks Union of Monarchies in Region

Yemenis choose jihad over Iranian support

Al-Qaeda will expose double agent's identity, security chiefs fear

Al-Qaeda leaders believed that British double agent in underwear bomb plot was from radical Islamic family

British agent in underpants bomb plot had been working undercover 'for up to a year'

Saudi King Abdullah sacks conservative adviser