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Saudi Arabia's ambassador to Lebanon warned that his country would deport anyone who financially supports Hezbollah. Gulf Cooperation Council members Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, and the United Arab Emirates said earlier this month they would start limiting transactions of Hezbollah members in the Gulf area.

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The Interior Ministry announced that 166 convicted "extremists" have graduated from the government's rehabilitation program. Since its creation for years ago, the Saudi terrorism court has passed judgment on 2,145 defendants accused of supporting terrorism in the country; some 2,800 other such defendants are currently on trial.

ISAF kills 2 'Arab'-linked commanders in Nuristan

Luhayb-Saudi-most-wanted.jpg One of those killed, Saleh Abd al Aziz Hamad al Luhayb, was wanted by Saudi Arabia's Ministry of the Interior. The International Security Assistance Force will not describe him and others with links to "Arabs" as al Qaeda.

Saudis Try to Quell Syria-Bound Jihad

Uncertainty behind US escalation on Syria

Saudi Arabia will soon open a luxury rehabilitation center in Riyadh for al Qaeda militants. There is already a rehab center in Jeddah, and three more are in the works. A total of 2,336 al Qaeda operatives have gone through the rehab program so far; some have returned to jihad, including Said al Shihri, who later became deputy leader of al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. The religious program at the centers is ultra-conservative and similar to al Qaeda's ideology.

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