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Private donations give edge to Islamists in Syria, officials say

Saudi religious police confiscate Guy Fawkes masks ahead of National Day

Plenty of money for weapons in Syria, little for refugees

Mideast task force needed to fight Somali piracy, says expert

UN Syria warcrimes team checking 14 alleged chemical attacks

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MoFA Approves Plan to Open Taliban Office Outside Afghanistan

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Networks of Spies Aid Syria Gas Probe

The Foreign Minister said Egypt is fighting terrorism, and criticized Western condemnation of the Egyptian military government's crackdown on Islamists. He said Arab and Muslim nations will step in to help Egypt financially if Western countries cut aid in protest against the crackdown. King Abdullah has promised to stand by Egypt, and has condemned the Muslim Brotherhood.

Allies Thwart America in Egypt

France urges Saudi, Qatar to help resolve Egypt crisis

How American Hopes for a Deal in Egypt Were Undercut

Saudi Arabia Steps Up Efforts To Oust Syria's Assad

Authorities disclosed the recent arrest of two men, a Chadian and a Yemeni, who are suspected of planning suicide attacks. The Interior Ministry said the men were part of a "deviant group abroad," a term it uses for al Qaeda, and claimed the ongoing investigation is related to the recent closure of US diplomatic facilities in the region.