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Foreign Minister Lavrov claimed that other countries are training Syrian rebels in Afghanistan to use chemical weapons for false-flag operations in Syria. The activity is taking place in Afghan areas not controlled by the government, he alleged. He also claimed that the Al Nusrah Front may be planning to smuggle toxic chemicals into Iraq for attacks there. Russia has also alleged that the Aug. 21 gas attack in Damascus was carried out by Saudi Arabian intelligence working with the Islamist group Liwa Al-Islam. A judge and a businessman from Chechnya were found murdered in Kabardino-Balkaria.

Authorities disrupted an organized crime operation that smuggled arms from Georgia to North Ossetia; 15 such operations have been reported in the past three years. At least three consignments were destined for the North Caucasus insurgency. Foreign Minister Lavrov said the Geneva II conference on Syria should not include extremist groups. The parliament may soon consider an antiterrorism bill that would make a terrorist's relatives responsible for the damage caused by the terrorist.

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Russia backed a UN Security Council statement urging Syria to allow more humanitarian relief into the country. In three separate incidents in Dagestan, five policemen, three civilians, and four militants were killed. Officials named three suspects in the assassination of Ingushetia's head of security. Two suspected Caucasus Emirate militants died in a shootout with security forces in Kabardino-Balkaria on Sept. 30.

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Russia has offered to guard sites in Syria where chemical weapons will be destroyed, but will not allow Syria's chemical weapons to be transferred to Russia for disposal. Security forces in Dagestan last week killed five alleged militants, including a woman, in a shootout at a house in Derbent; and also killed Kadar insurgency leader Tagir Sulebanov, as well as his father and an associate, in Makhachkala. Daghestan Supreme Court Judge Mukhtar Shapiyev and his son were fatally shot in Makhachkala on Sept. 25.

Most of Syria's toxins can be destroyed more easily than officials initially thought

Most of Syria's toxins can be destroyed more easily than officials initially thought

Foreign Minister Lavrov has claimed that homemade sarin was used in a chemical attack in Aleppo on March 19, and that a similar but stronger concentration of sarin was used in the Aug. 21 attack in Damascus. Lavrov said that an "understanding" between Russia and the US has been reached on a draft UN resolution on Syria. The Supreme Court of Tatarstan sentenced Taufik Baibekov to nine and a half years in prison for planning terrorist attacks in the republic; he was arrested in August 2012.

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Chemical Disarmament Won't Be Easy

A suicide bomber killed two policemen and seriously injured two more in an attack outside a police headquarters in Khuchni in Dagestan. Chechnya's interior minister said that Chechen jihadists are entering Syria via Turkey and Azerbaijan. President Putin said Russia would offer security assistance to Tajikistan along its Afghan border; he also warned that any foreign military intervention in Syria would be "aggression" that violated international law. Russia formally handed over control of the Bushehr nuclear plant to Iran.

Russia offered to send a small detachment of observers to Syria to help with the destruction of its chemical weapons arsenal. Foreign Minister Lavrov accused the US, UK, and France of trying to "blackmail" Russia by threatening to pull out of the chemical weapons disposal deal unless Russia supports a UN resolution authorizing military action against the Assad regime. He said the US and Russia previously agreed that there would be no UN resolution until the OCPW issues a statement on Syria's chemical arsenal.

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President Putin said he could not be "100 percent" sure the Assad regime would follow through on the deal to surrender its chemical arms but that recent moves by the regime "inspire confidence." Defense Minister Shoigu said Russia does not currently plan to dispose of Syrian chemical weapons on its own territory under the Russian-US deal.