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Russia terror analysis: Volgograd and an Olympics under threat

Muslims In Daghestan, Azerbaijan Call For Boycott Of New Year Celebrations

Bomb Attacks in Russia Echo Threats by Chechen Insurgent

In Wake Of Repeated Bombings, A Question: Why Volgograd?

A suicide bomber detonated on a crowded trolley in Volgograd, killing at least 14 people, the second such attack in two days in the city. Yesterday a Caucasus Emirate-linked "Black Widow" suicide bomber from Dagestan detonated inside the Volgograd central train station, killing at least 17 people. Islam Atiev, a Caucasus Emirate member, was killed in a clash with security forces in Dagestan on Dec. 28. Since then, security forces killed two suspected militants in Dagestan, two more in Stavropol Krai, and three more in Kabardino-Balkaria. Security is being heightened across the country in advance of the Olympics in Sochi.

Suicide bomber strikes again in southern Russia

A trolley was demolished in a blast that is thought to have been carried out by a male suicide bomber. The attack is the second suicide bombing in Volgograd in two days.

Suicide bomber strikes at Russian train station

The bombing, which was likely executed by the Islamic Caucasus Emirate, took place in a region where Russia will host the 2014 Winter Olympics, and is the second suicide attack in Volgograd since October.

At least three people were killed when a car exploded near a police station in Pyatigorsk in the Stavropol region, which borders the North Caucasus republics. A video showing Caucasus Emirate leader Doku Umarov was uploaded to YouTube on Dec. 19, a day after Ramzan Kadyrov, the head of the Chechen Republic, declared that Umarov was dead. Foreign Minister Lavrov warned against the West's 'flirtation' with the Islamic Front in Syria, saying the group could be close to al Qaeda forces.

Syrian Kurds jockey for seat at Geneva talks

Authorities claimed to have killed four members of an Islamist militant cell, including leader Arsen Khandokhov, during a raid near Mount Elberus in Kabardino-Balkaria. Four security force members were killed in a shootout with militants in Dagestan. Apti Alaudinov, Chechnya's First Deputy Interior Minister, told municipal authorities that Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov has given him virtually unbridled powers, including the use of summary executions and planted evidence, to crack down on Islamist extremists. Russia deployed short-range ballistic Iskander missiles in the western Kaliningrad area.

Russian force training to counter militants from Syria: Chechen leader

Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov said security forces are training to counter threats from jihadists who claim "that after Syria they will migrate to the North Caucasus and engage in terrorist and subversive activities." Chechen authorities have banned funeral ceremonies for anyone killed in Syria; a senior Chechen immigration official was sacked because his daughter had joined the Syrian rebels. Experts say well over 400 Russians are fighting with al Qaeda forces in Syria. The top federal investigator in Chechnya resigned after eight months. Security forces conducted a counterterroism raid in Kabardino-Balkaria and killed a suspected militant in a shootout in Dagestan.

Two suspected Islamist militants and one policeman were killed in a shootout in Ingushetia. Security forces killed three militants in Dagestan on Nov. 26.

Authorities arrested 15 members of the banned Islamist militant group At-Takfir Wal-Hijra in east Moscow. The Interior Ministry said the cell was discovered during ongoing investigations into criminal activity, not terrorism; the al Qaeda-linked group was allegedly funding its activities through crime. A quantity of weapons and explosives was confiscated, including grenades, IEDs, handguns, and bomb components, along with extremist literature.

Wanted Dagestani militant Ruslan Kazanbiev was killed in a shootout with police in Makhachkala on Nov. 19. Two policemen and a passerby were also killed in the clash, and another policeman was injured. Authorities have surrounded the house where three of Kazanbiev's associates are hiding.

Meet the Syrian Rebel Commander Assad, Russia and the US all fear

A Russian GPS Using US Soil Stirs Spy Fears

Dmitri Sokolov, the husband of Volgograd bus bomber Naida Asiyalova, was killed in a shootout with security forces in a village outside the Dagestani capital of Makhachkala; four other militants were killed with him. During negotiations with police before refusing to surrender, Sokolov admitted to making the bomb detonated by Asiyalova; he is also suspected in another suicide bomb attack in May. Earlier this month police detained a man with a suicide belt in Stavropol.

St. Petersburg Sends Contractors to Syria

Two research institutions in Moscow were hit by explosions today. A bombing of a grocery store in Makhachkala, the capital of Dagestan, killed at least one person and wounded one more last week.