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Khamenei: Iran will never give up its nuclear program

NATO to triple Baltic air patrol from next month

Ukraine Crisis Exposes Gaps Between Berlin and NATO

Suspected Islamist militants killed four Russian soldiers and wounded seven more in a roadside bombing in Chechnya. A Russian jihadist website released videos featuring "Abdullah," a Chechen boxer, and Abu 'Issa al-Andalusi, a Portuguese soccer player, who died fighting in Islamist ranks in Syria. The video claimed that at the time he was killed, Abdullah was fighting alongside "our brother Abu Usama Ubeida al-Ansari."

Restoring Its Legacy, Moscow Invests In Future In Afghanistan

Military Cuts Render NATO Less Formidable as Deterrent to Russia

Russia Warned U.S. About Tsarnaev, But Spelling Issue Let Him Escape

World leaders urge more action to prevent nuclear terrorism

Turkish charity ─░MKANDER praises slain Islamic Caucasus Emirate emir in rally

─░MKANDER held large rallies in several Turkish cities to praise Doku Umarov, the emir of the Islamic Caucasus Emirate whose death was announced just last week.

Syria Documents: Nasrallah sent message to reassure Israel

Latest Report Of Umarov's Death Leaves Details Unclear

Ali Abu Muhammad al Dagestani, the new emir of the Islamic Caucasus Emirate

Islamic Caucasus Emirate confirms death of emir Doku Umarov

Umarov was rumored to have been killed late last year, but his death has not been confirmed by the Islamic Caucasus Emirate until now.

Who was behind deadly Kiev snipers? Russia, Ukraine point fingers

Suspected Russian spyware Turla targets Europe, United States

Russian-speaking jihadists execute Syrians in Aleppo

Russian-jihadists-execute-Syrians-032014.pngJihadists from either the Al Nusrah Front or the Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham carried out the execution. A mentally ill man is said to have been among those to be killed.

The Investigative Committee issued an arrest warrant for Oleksandr Muzychko a.k.a. Sashko Bilyi, a Ukrainian nationalist accused of torturing and murdering at least 20 Russian soldiers while he fought alongside Chechen militants in 1994-95. The Chechen fighters were led by al Qaeda-linked commanders Shamil Basayev and Ibn al-Khattab. The Committee also issued arrest warrants for members of a group called the "Holy Brotherhood of the Black Cross," which has threatened governors of Russian regions, including Belgorod, Kursk, Bryansk, and Voronezh, over Russia's involvement in the Ukraine.

Egypt's Arms Deal with Russia: Potential Strategic Costs

Why Crimea is so dangerous

Why Did The North Caucasus Insurgency Fail To Attack Sochi Winter Olympics?