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Obama's hands-off approach to extraditing Snowden draws criticism

Officials: Obama's policy team trying to 'rein in' Kerry over pledges to allies, rivals

US officials worried about security of files Snowden is thought to have

US Threatens Russia With Retaliation on Edward Snowden

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Boris Johnson: We've left it too late to save Syria - this conflict can never be won

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Syria, Russia dismiss US chemical weapons claims

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US Helps Allies Trying to Battle Iranian Hackers

Russia Wants Tourism, Not Terrorism, For Embattled Caucasus

Analysis: Golan fighting spells more Syria trouble for Israel

French foreign minister says Syrian rebels need arms

A National Antiterrorist Committee (NAK) special operation arrested Yulai Davletbayev, who was suspected of preparing terrorist attacks in Moscow. The suspect had been working as a taxi driver in the city, which enabled him to conduct surveillance of possible attack sites. He allegedly led a cell of terrorists affiliated with the Turkistan Islamic Party. He and his cell had trained and fought in the Afghan/Pakistan area since 2010 and recently returned to Russia to carry out attacks; they planned to return to Afghanistan after the attacks.

Analysis: Putin gambles by taking down Dagestan strongman

US lawmakers in Russia report no 'specific' clues prior to Boston attack

A war of words over Russian missile deliveries to Syria

Syria to get Russia MiGs after missiles