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Hamas' growing rivalry with Islamic Jihad

Rebel videos show first US-made rockets in Syria

The Free Syrian Armies: Failed Reconciliation

Influential cleric says to resume Friday sermons amid Gulf rift

Egypt army extends power by taking charge of Gulf aid

Topple Ahmad Jarba? Not so fast ...

Defying allies, Qatar unlikely to abandon Syria rebels

Jarba re-election likely to test Saudi-Qatari rift

Spurning Gulf Arab pressure, Qatar says foreign policy non-negotiable

Syrian nuns held by Al Nusrah Front fighters are freed

Negotiations over the release of a group of kidnapped nuns were complicated by factors including the alleged involvement of Free Syrian Army fighters in the kidnapping.

Saudi jihadist says forced to join ISIS in Syria

Arab states withdraw ambassadors from Qatar in protest at 'interference'

Top Military Body Against Syria's Assad Is in Chaos, Undermining Fight

Taliban Say Talks Over US Soldier's Release Suspended

Saudi-Qatari rivalry, depot raid blamed for Free Syrian Army reshuffle

State Dept. Learned in November of Photos Said to Show Torture in Syria

US secretly backs rebels to fight al Qaeda in Syria

Head of Al Nusrah Front interviewed by journalist convicted in Spain on controversial terror charges

Tayseer Allouni aired the first televised interview with Abu Muhammad al Julani, the head of the Al Nusrah Front, earlier this month. Allouni was controversially convicted by a Spanish court on terrorism charges in 2005. A Spanish court alleged that Allouni assisted the al Qaeda operative who now heads al Qaeda in the Levant, among other charges.

Syrian conflict said to fuel sectarian tensions in Persian Gulf

Latest Treasury designation targets al Qaeda's fundraising network

A newly released terrorist designation by the Treasury Department highlights the extent and cohesion of al Qaeda's global fundraising network. Treasury reports that Ayman al Zawahiri's main representative in the Levant, Abu Khalid al Suri, has been funneling cash from Gulf donors to al Qaeda.