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Soldiers killed five Abu Sayyaf fighters and overran their mountain camp in the town of Sumisip in Basilan. Two soldiers were also killed during a three-hour-long firefight with more than 30 Abu Sayyaf fighters.

Four people were killed and 14 more were wounded in a bus bombing in the capital of Manila. A senior military commander said al Qaeda-linked groups Jemaah Islamiyah, Abu Sayyaf, Rajah Solaiman Movement, and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front are operating in the capital area.

Philippine Rangers killed two Abu Sayyaf fighters and detained another during operations in the town of Tipo-tipo in Basilan province. The military estimates Abu Sayyaf has 340 fighters in its ranks.

Eleven people were wounded in a bombing during Christmas Day mass at a Catholic church in a police camp on Jolo Island in Sulu province. The al Qaeda-linked Abu Sayyaf Group is suspected of carrying out the attack.

The Abu Sayyaf Group released two Malaysian hostages who were captured in February in the Malaysia state of Sabah and moved to the Philippines. The government hopes to hold talks with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front in January.

Gunmen kidnapped 12 villagers in Basilan island who were returning from a fishing trip. No group has claimed responsibility but weapons and a ransom have been demanded for their release. Clan rivalry is the suspected reason for the kidnappings, although Abu Sayyaf has been active in the area.

Suspected Moro Islamic Liberation Front rebels killed a United Nations World Food Program driver on his way to deliver rice to war-stricken civilians. The UN driver was stopped by Islamist rebels in the township of Marantao, who killed him after he refused to unload the 488 bags of rice in the truck destined for civilians.

Muslim insurgents in north Cotabato are suspected of killing one person and wounding two others in a bombing at a bus terminal. Suspected Abu Sayyaf Islamists kidnapped two teachers but released one shortly afterward in a nearby village in Basilan.

Security forces arrested a bombing suspect in Manila thought to be linked to the Abu Sayyaf Group or MILF. Intelligence indicate that 10 foreign terrorists are meeting with Abu Sayyaf leaders and planning attacks in the Manila Metro area. Police seized 562 kilograms of bomb-making material and detained four people in Limay, Bataan.

Suspected Abu Sayyaf Group fighters have kidnapped a woman in Basilan province. The Abu Sayyaf fighters responsible for the abduction in Ungkaya Pukan town appear to be led by Nur Hassan. The withdrawal of the 1st Marine Brigade in Basilan province has stoked fears of a resurgence of violence.

Authorities arrested five suspects in the bus bombing in the town of Matalam on the southern island of Mindanao. One detainee gave the whereabouts of four other accomplices in the attack who were later arrested in a raid in Cotabato city. Their connection to the Islamist groups blamed for the attack remains undisclosed.

Suspected Moro Islamic Liberation Front fighters killed two village officials in Maguindanao province. The two officials were ambushed by gunmen after their vehicles were hit by landmines. The chairman and councilman of Barangay Liab in Mamasapano town were participating in electoral activities.

Insurgents killed 10 people and wounded 30 in more in a bus bombing in North Cotabato in Mindanao. The bus was carrying 60 people on their way to Tacurong City and exploded near Dalapitan village. Al Khober, a terrorist group composed of Abu Sayyaf Group and MILF fighters, is suspected, due to similar attacks conducted in 2006.

A Chinese-Filipino student was kidnapped by suspected Abu Sayyaf Group members in the southern region of Mindanao. Gunmen are demanding a ransom of $116,000 for the release of the college freshman after he was abducted in the town of Jolo in Sulu province.

Security forces captured an Abu Sayyaf Group fighter in Lamitan city, Basilan. Bidung Ismael was wanted for seizing a hospital and kidnapping foreigners in 2001.

Suspected Abu Sayyaf Group gunmen abducted a Chinese-Filipino junk shop owner in Zamboanga City. Vinton So's wife said the kidnappers told her it was "purely business." A ransom demand has not yet been received. Abu Sayyaf has kidnapped three wealthy businessmen in the city this year; all were freed after a ransom was paid.

Philippine soldiers killed Abu Sayyaf commander Abdukarim Sali during a firefight in Basilan. Sali was wanted for his involvement in the kidnappng of 20 people, including three Americans, in May 2001.

Abu Sayyaf Group fighters killed three soldiers in the town of Tipo-Tipo, Basilan. Ten Abu Sayyaf fighters ambushed an army patrol, which was unable to pursue the fighters into territory controlled by the MILF. Formal peace talks between the government and MILF are set to resume in November.

National police have killed an Abu Sayyaf Group commander and his two aides in a 15-minute gun battle at a house in Maimbung, Sulu province. The Abu Sayyaf commander, Gafur Jumdail, is the younger brother of the group's top leader, Umbra Jumdail. Other Abu Sayyaf members may have been wounded in the raid.

Two Abu Sayyaf Group members were captured by Philippine police in the port city of Zamboanga, Mindanao. One terrorist, Jamiri Hashi, was wanted for the killing and beheading of 14 soldiers in 2007 and had a bounty on his head. The other terrorist, Adjik Halik, was wanted for the kidnapping of 21 Europeans who were taken hostage in 2001 from the resort Sabah.