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Filipino force defied UN commander in Golan crisis

Syrian army, Al Nusrah Front fight on Golan where peacekeepers held

Fiji seeks release of UN peacekeepers abducted on Syrian side of Golan Heights, as Philippines soldiers escape

Islamic extremist Musa Cerantonio 'different' to other prisoners

Philippines and Rebels Agree on Peace Accord to End Insurgency

Philippines, Muslim rebels hope to sign pact soon

Syria most dangerous country for media in 2013, 126 dead worldwide: INSI

Rebel Rifts on Island Confound Philippines

Philippines - Increase in US Troops Not Permanent

News Analysis: Bombings could impact on peace process with Moro rebels

Official: Clash that killed 14 Filipino marines and militants part of new US-backed offensive

Missile defence systems deployed to counter North Korea threats: interactive

Drone base in Niger gives US a strategic foothold in West Africa

Borneo violence spirals into crisis for Malaysia, Philippines

No clear signs in southern Thailand

Philippine leader criticises gunmen in Malaysia

'Land Grabbing': Foreign Investors Buy Up Third World Farmland

Sulu: The islands home to Philippine militancy

US troops see terrorism threat diminish on Philippine island of Mindanao

Philippine police boost security after bomb scare