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Security forces captured an Abu Sayyaf Group fighter in Lamitan city, Basilan. Bidung Ismael was wanted for seizing a hospital and kidnapping foreigners in 2001.

Suspected Abu Sayyaf Group gunmen abducted a Chinese-Filipino junk shop owner in Zamboanga City. Vinton So's wife said the kidnappers told her it was "purely business." A ransom demand has not yet been received. Abu Sayyaf has kidnapped three wealthy businessmen in the city this year; all were freed after a ransom was paid.

Philippine soldiers killed Abu Sayyaf commander Abdukarim Sali during a firefight in Basilan. Sali was wanted for his involvement in the kidnappng of 20 people, including three Americans, in May 2001.

Philippine troops kill wanted militant

Abu Sayyaf Group fighters killed three soldiers in the town of Tipo-Tipo, Basilan. Ten Abu Sayyaf fighters ambushed an army patrol, which was unable to pursue the fighters into territory controlled by the MILF. Formal peace talks between the government and MILF are set to resume in November.

National police have killed an Abu Sayyaf Group commander and his two aides in a 15-minute gun battle at a house in Maimbung, Sulu province. The Abu Sayyaf commander, Gafur Jumdail, is the younger brother of the group's top leader, Umbra Jumdail. Other Abu Sayyaf members may have been wounded in the raid.

Malaysia may be facilitator in peace talks between Philippines, Islamist group

Two Abu Sayyaf Group members were captured by Philippine police in the port city of Zamboanga, Mindanao. One terrorist, Jamiri Hashi, was wanted for the killing and beheading of 14 soldiers in 2007 and had a bounty on his head. The other terrorist, Adjik Halik, was wanted for the kidnapping of 21 Europeans who were taken hostage in 2001 from the resort Sabah.

Three police officers were wounded and an undetermined number of Abu Sayyaf fighters were killed in clashes in Sulu. Abu Sayyaf ambushed the senior superintendent of police and his escort as they were returning to their camp.

Four Moro Islamic Liberation Front fighters were killed and seven others were injured during clashes between rival commanders in Maguindanao province. MILF has expressed concern that the new Benigno Aquino III government wants to restart negotations and review prior agreements.

A bombing carried out by suspected Abu Sayyaf fighters at an airport in Zamboanga city has left one man dead and over a dozen injured. The attack took place at the arrival gate of the airport; police are investigating whether the man killed was the bomber. The governor of Sulu province, the stronghold of Abu Sayyaf Group, was injured in the blast.

Army rangers arrested a Moro Islamic Liberation Front commander in Casoon village, Monkayo town. Earlier reports of the suspect, Giovanni de Ocampo, identified him as a Jemaah Islamiyah operative but were later disproven. Numerous weapons and bombs were captured after a shootout.

Phillipine security forces have captured an Abu Sayyaf Group member after he was trying to depart the southern port city of Zamboanga to Sabah, Malaysia. Jirome Mustakin is wanted for his participation in the abduction and beheading of two Christian Jehovah's Witnesses on Jolo Island in 2002 when he was just 14.

The Abu Sayyaf Group has kidnapped a Japanese national in Sitio Bas in Sulu province. The 70-year old Japanese treasure hunter was abducted by 10 armed men. It is estimated that the Abu Sayyaf Group has about 400 members left on the islands, the vast majority being under 30 years old.

A 7-year-old boy was killed and five others injured in a bomb blast in Datu Piang in the province of Maguindanao. The bomb exploded 20 meters from the police station, resulting in civilian casualties only. Insurgents killed one soldier and wounded five others in an ambush.

Warring Moro rebels caused the death a 3-year-old boy and wounded six others after a mortar fell into an evacuation center on the border of Maguindanao and North Cotabato. The rebels blame the military for the casualties. Police discovered a bomb before it exploded in a drainage pipe near a day care center in Basilan. Authorities arrested a former vice mayor in Basilan province who had links with Abu Sayyaf fighters.

Police rescued a Chinese national being held by Abu Sayyaf fighters in Luuk in the province of Sulu. Wu, a Chinese immigrant shopkeeper held for two years in captivity, was freed after a 10-minute firefight that forced the Abu Sayyaf fighters to abandon the group's last remaining foreign hostage.

59 journalists killed this year

Authorities arrested a key Abu Sayyaf suspect for a deadly bombing and firefight in April. Ajid Jalil, alias Ajid Jainul, was arrested after being discharged from the hospital and charged with several counts of murder. The government has convinced the Moro Islamic Liberation Front to drop its bid for independence in Mindanao.

Senior Jemaah Islamiyah commander captured in Indonesia

Abdullah Sunata created the al Qaeda in Aceh cell and served as "a bridge" between Jemaah Islamiyah and the Philippines-based Abu Sayyaf Group.