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Two bombs were detonated at a bus terminal in South Cotabato province, wounding one and injuring an unknown number of civilians. Two suspects in the beheading of 10 Marine have surrendered. Four members of Abu Sayyaf have been identified as being involved in he beheadings. The US is prepared to step up aid to the Philippines to support counterterrorism operations.

A Basilan representative identified four of the suspects involved in the beheading of 10 Marines, and claimed they are not members of MILF. Police are conducting intelligence operations to capture 130 MILF operatives believed to be involved with the beheadings.

Over 200 armed police attempted to execute a warrant in Basilan province against three of the 130 MILF fighters who were involved in the recent beheading of 10 Marines. The village of Guinanta was deserted and the government has postponed the warrant. Abu Sayyaf and other Islamist groups have caused over 1,700 civilian and military deaths in the Philippines since 2000.

Philippines: Religious leaders call for peace in restive Basilan

Government gives MILF more time to surrender beheaders

Thousands of villagers in the Al-Barka municipality in Basilan province are leaving their homes in fear of being caught in the middle of fighting between MILF and the military. Religious leaders and NGO oppose the government taking punitive actions against MILF for the beheading of 10 Marines.

The government issued an ultimatum to MILF to hand over those responsible for last week's ambush and beheading of Marines in Basilan. MILF said it is preparing for all out war. The Armed Forces of the Philippines are preparing for war as well.

The military will deploy an additional Marine battalion in Basilan in preparation for an offensive against MILF. A bomb was detonated at a market in Tacurong City in Mindanao; no casualties have been reported. Bomb jokes have been banned in southern Mindanao.

MILF said it would not surrender any of its fighters in the wake of the beheading of Marines last week. The chief of the Philippines Armed Forces said MILF has one week to surrender the culprits or an all-out war would be launched against the Muslim insurgents. MILF also claimed one of its fighters was mutilated along with the Marines.

MILF warned the government not to retaliate for the beheading of 10 Marines last week. The Philippine army believes it is close to capturing Bali bombing mastermind Dulmatin after receiving information from an informant.

Fourteen Philippine Marines were killed after being ambushed by 300 Abu Sayyaf fighters on Basilan island. Ten Marines were found beheaded; nine more were wounded. The Marines were searching for a kidnapped Catholic priest in MILF-controlled territory.

Philippine marines 'beheaded by Islamists'

Two Abu Sayyaf commanders killed in southern Philippines

New Abu Sayyaf leader 'is Islamic scholar'

10 killed as bombs target buses in Philippines

Nine die in Philippines blast

Wanted: Dead or Demised

Moro Islamic liberation Front claims 100 fighters chasing Bali bomber

Philippine military warn of terrorist attacks in Manila

Philippines blast kills three