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Fourteen Philippine Marines were killed after being ambushed by 300 Abu Sayyaf fighters on Basilan island. Ten Marines were found beheaded; nine more were wounded. The Marines were searching for a kidnapped Catholic priest in MILF-controlled territory.

Philippine marines 'beheaded by Islamists'

Two Abu Sayyaf commanders killed in southern Philippines

New Abu Sayyaf leader 'is Islamic scholar'

10 killed as bombs target buses in Philippines

Nine die in Philippines blast

Wanted: Dead or Demised

Moro Islamic liberation Front claims 100 fighters chasing Bali bomber

Philippine military warn of terrorist attacks in Manila

Philippines blast kills three

Bali suspect gives Philippine troops the slip

Philippines steps up security after bombing

An explosion near a marketplace in Tacurong City killed 3 and wounded 30. Philippines marines killed 5 members of commander Habier Malik's MNLF forces on Jolo Island.

(Philippines) Sulu troops to suspend operations on May 4

Philippines grounds 41 Huey helicopters after crash

The military believes Uztadz Khabir Malic, the leader of the Muslim National Liberation Front's (MNLF) Misuari group has ties with Abu Sayyaf. Philippine troops attacked the Jolo Island camp of MNLF commander Khaid Ajibun. Three USAID workers were wounded in a bombing in Cotabato province.

Abu Sayyaf beheaded seven captives and delivered two of the heads to civilians, who were ordered to take them to the Philippine Army. Abu Sayyaf commander Albader Parad is believed to have ordered the beheadings.

Abu Sayyaf kidnapped 7 men on Jolo Island. The fighting between the Philippine Army and the Moro National Liberation Front is intensifying on Jolo Island, with 17 MNLF fighters, 3 soldiers and 1 civilian killed over the past 3 days.

Philippine troops overran 2 Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) camps and killed 8 fighters during an assault on Jolo Island. MNLF commander Habier Malik and several hundred fighters retreated into the jungles with Philippine troops in pursuit.

Two Philippine soldiers were killed and 10 wounded in a clash with Abu Sayyaf on Jolo Island. The military stated an MNLF commander is providing aid to Abu Sayyaf on Jolo.