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Two Philippine soldiers were killed and 10 wounded in a clash with Abu Sayyaf on Jolo Island. The military stated an MNLF commander is providing aid to Abu Sayyaf on Jolo.

Isnilon Hapilon, an Abu Sayyaf leader who was behind the 2002 Bali bombing in Indonesia, narrowly escaped a raid by Philippine Army forces on a camp in Jolo. Three other Abu Sayyaf fighters have been captured. Hapilon has a $5 million bounty out for his capture.

The Philippines military killed three gunmen at sea who were possibly linked to Abu Sayyaf. The military will focus on civil-military operations in Mindanao. The UK wants to increase intelligence ties with the Philippines and other Southeast Asian nations.

The US put a $5 million bounty out for Zulkifli bin Hir, aka Marwan, the Malaysian leader of the Kumpulun Mujahidin Malaysia who is working with Abu Sayyaf in the Philippines. Marwan is behind a series of bombings in the Philippines.

Key Abu Sayyaf man nailed after 4 years on the run

COIN in the Philippines: Below the Doom and Gloom Radar

Making friends in Abu Sayyaf™s territory

A helping hand fighting Philippines terror

Yasser Igasan isbelieved to be the new head of the Abu Sayyaf Group. Igasan has had "terror training abroad and... connections with possible foreign financiers." Four Abu Sayyaf were killed in fighting as the US and Philippine troops wrap up exercises.

MNLF May Quit the Peace Process in the Philippines

Eight Abu Sayyaf were killed during fighting on Jolo Island over the weekend. Philippine forces claim Abu Sayyaf leader Albader Parad was killed in Sulu. Security is being increased at US military bases after the weekend fighting.

Six Islamists were killed and 13 Marines wounded in a battle on Jolo Island. One report claims the six killed were members of the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF), while another claims they were Abu Sayyaf. MLNF has sheltered Abu Sayyaf fighters and allowed them to establish training camps.

Marine killed by unidentified gunmen in southern Philippines

The Philippine Congress passed the anti-terror bill, which now must be signed by President Arroyo. Two Abu Sayyaf terrorists and one Ranger were killed in fighting in Jolo. Some rank-and-file members of Abu Sayyaf are beginning to defect due to difficult conditions or "because it was doing un-Islamic things."

The US is asking MILF to help in the hunt for Abu Sayyaf. The Philippine military and US are set to begin a two week long military exercise in Mindanao, the scene of recent bombings by Abu Sayyaf.

Where US is helping to make gains against terrorism

Troops kill four militants in the Philippines

The Philippine Navy is blockading Sulu with 10 warships in support of ground operations and in an effort to prevent the remaining Abu Sayyaf and Jemaah Islamiya fighters from escaping via sea. The government is seeking more aid from Australia for anti-terrorism operations.

House fails to ratify anti-terror bill

Abu Sayyaf militant captured