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Philippines: Workers kidnapped by Islamist terror group in south

Philippine Tv Presenter Freed

Philippines hostage deadline expires

The US Treasury Department has designated the Rajah Solaiman Movement and its leader, Angelo Ramirez Trinidad, as Specially Designated Global Terrorists for assisting al Qaeda affiliate Abu Sayyaf in conducting numerous terror attacks in the Philippines. Members of the group were involved in the Super Ferry 14 bombing in February 2004 and the Valentine's Day bombings in February 2005.

US designates Rajah Solaiman Movement terrorist entity

The Philippines-based terror group has close ties to Abu Sayyaf and Jemaah Islamiyah. The group has been behind multiple attacks in the Philippines.

Against great odds, Philippine al Qaeda-linked militants survive, attack

Winning A War of Stealth

(Philippines) Military troops seen moving into Jolo hostage area: report

Muslim rebels free 2 captive Philippine marines

Abu Sayyaf abducted 20 journalists since 2000

Philippines: Extrajudicial killings are exaggerated

Philippines: Catholic bishop backs Islamic state in south

MILF condemns Zamboanga bombing

Three civilians were killed and 21 wounded in a bombing at a building outside the gate of the Edwin Andrews Air Base in Zamboanga City in Mindanao. The military accused the Moro Islamic Liberation Front™s special operations group for the blast. MILF denied the charges.

Abu Saif and MILF attacked a military outpost and a convoy of troops on the southern island of Basilan. The convoy was hit with an IED while rushing to reinforce the remote outpost. Two Muslim terrorists and 14 Marines were wounded during the fighting.

Film piracy 'funding' Islamic militants

More than 300 commandos attacked and captured an Abu Sayyaf and Jemaah Islamiyah camp on the island of Jolo. The military said the more than 200 fighters in the camp took "heavy casualties." The military said the Moro National Liberation Front launched mortars at government troops during the assault.

MILF blames govt for crisis in peace talks

Indonesia jails terrorist for money transfers to Philippines

Philippines eyes Abu Sayyaf in cathedral blast