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Uneasy peace reigns on southern Philippine island

Eight dead in Philippines clash

Republic of the Philippines' Marine Force Recon and Navy Special Warfare killed an Abu Sayyaf leader, Radi Upao. Dulmatin, the JI leader wanted for the 2002 Bali bombing, is reported to have escaped the strike.

Three killed, 27 injured in Philippine bomb blast: police

Security forces captured Aramil Sulayman, one of the Abu Sayyaf terrorists behind the beheading of Marines, in Central Mindanao. The Supreme Court denied the request of the Anti-Terrorism Council for the creation of special courts to handle and prosecute cases related to terrorism.

Jemaah Islamiyah bomber Dulmatin is reported to be moving between Sulu in the Philippines and Malaysia to avoid capture by Filipino troops. MILF warned that peace talks with the government are on the verge of stopping.

Philippine troops and police arrested Abu Sayyaf commander Tuatin Anahaly on the southern island of Margosatubig. Anahaly was behind the kidnapping and murder of American and Filipino tourists on Palawan island in 2001. Five of the hostages were murdered.

The State of Jihad: 2007

A year-end roundup of the major developments in the Long War in the primary and secondary theaters across the globe.

Philippines 'bomb plotter' Islamic envoy: Egypt cleric

Egyptian 'explosive expert' not our member - MILF

Philippine police and soldiers captured a suspected Egyptian terrorist with links to al Qaeda and Jemaah Islamiyah in Cotabato City. The raid nabbed Mohammad Sayed, aka Abu Husein, at an apartment at the Woman's Islamic Center. Police found bomb-making materials, a MILF military manual, and extremist propaganda. Soldiers killed six Abu Sayyaf operatives in Basilan.

Philippine troops killed Mobin Abdurajak, a leader of the Abu Sayyaf Group, in a raid on his hideout in Tawi-Tawi. He was wanted for kidnapping 21 people from the Malaysian resort island of Sipadan in 2000. Negotiations with MILF to create a Muslim homeland have stopped due to issues with economic control.

Philippine Muslim rebels jailed for kidnap, beheading

MILF leadership figures appealed to MNLF factions to protect Malik, under increasing pressure from AFP troops. MindaNews claims that a new peace deal would give the MILF control over the Bangsamoro ancestral domain.

Philippine Catholics afraid of Muslim homeland deal

The Armed Forces of the Philippines revealed that they were tipped by one of the mutiny leaders of the upcoming coup plot. AFP Marines seized a camp held jointly by the Abu Sayyaf Group and the MNLF.

Filipinos shake their heads at coup bid and response

The MILF predicted a peace pact by 2008, and urged international groups to back the process. The RP government considered merging the MILF and MNLF treaties.

Philippine army calls ceasefire for typhoon relief

The Basilan Governor and wife of slain Representative Wahab Akbar filed murder charges against the three Abu Sayyaf operatives captured in Quezon City last Thursday. The former deputy house speaker has been cleared of involvement in the blast at the Congress building.