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Two people were killed and 15 more were wounded in a grenade attack at a carnival on Jolo island by suspected Abu Sayyaf terrorists. Ten Moro Islamic Liberation Front fighters surrendered to the military in Mindanao, handing over a variety of small arms and ammunition.

Jahid Susukan, an Abu Sayyaf leader with a large bounty on his head, was arrested at the port of Zamboanga on Sept. 9 on suspicion of involvement in the kidnapping of 21 tourists at a resort in Malaysia in 2000. The government announced that it expected peace talks with MILF to resume after Ramadan.

US military presence in the Philippines will be a hot issue in the country's elections

Truce between MILF and Philippine government holds

The National Police announced that they were pursuing 44 Abu Sayyaf members who were involved in the 2001 abduction of tourists from a resort in Palawan and the 2000 abduction of civilians in Basilan. President Arroyo stated that Libya's Qadaffi Foundation may invest in economic development in Mindanao.

Madhatta Haipe, an Abu Sayyaf terrorist who kidnapped American tourists in South Cotabato province in 1995, appeared before a federal court in Washington and was ordered held without bail. An IED planted by Abu Sayyaf wounded two Army engineers as they were on the way to a local mosque to pray in Sulu province. The military deployed an additional battalion to pursue Abu Sayyaf and rogue elements of MILF in Basilan province.

Abu Sayyaf leader extradited to US for kidnapping

Philippine military needs larger budget to modernize, says Defense Secretary

Police filed murder charges against 13 Abu Sayyaf and Moro Islamic Liberation Front fighters in connection with the Aug. 12 battle with government forces that left 20 Marines and three soldiers dead. Despite the truce with MILF, police continue to hunt for three commanders who are wanted for attacks on civilian communities in Basilan and Sulu provinces. Security forces also continue to hunt for Abu Sayyaf terrorists throughout the southern Philippines.

Philippine police detain terror group leader

Khalil Pareja, the leader of the Rajah Solaiman Movement, a group of Catholics who converted to Islam, was detained after police surrounded his hideout. The group has been behind some of the most deadly terror attacks in the Philippines.

US counterinsurgency unit to stay in Philippines

Seven Moro National Liberation Front fighters were killed when the military assaulted a school on the tiny island of Marabon, near the island of Palawan. One soldier was wounded and the military continued to search for MNLF fighters who escaped. MILF announced that it will not assist the government in operations against the terrorist group Abu Sayyaf, which President Arroyo has pledged to destroy.

Three Abu Sayyaf gunmen fired at two Air Force helicopters in Basilan province, damaging a helicopter carrying three journalists. The military is shipping more ammunition and other supplies to Mindanao to bolster the military as it continues to press for the destruction of Abu Sayyaf.

Philippine President Arroyo orders military to "annihilate" Abu Sayyaf

At least 31 Abu Sayyaf militants and 23 soldiers have been killed in intense combat in Basilan province as government troops sustained a massive offensive against terrorist encampments in the remote jungle. The military began the offensive against Abu Sayyaf last month, after Italian Red Cross worker Antonio Vagni was rescued from captivity.

In an early morning raid by the military on an Abu Sayyaf jungle encampment, 10 fighters were killed and an arsenal of improvised explosive devices was discovered and detonated. Ten other Abu Sayyaf gunmen were killed in a separate raid in Basilan province. Over 500 Army soldiers, marines, and police are engaged in an offensive in Basilan, targeting Abu Sayyaf leaders Khair Mundus and Furuji Indama.

According to study, most Moros want Islamic government in southern Philippines

Living in terror in Zamboanga City, Philippines

Despite the truce with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, an errant shell fired by a military unit that was intended for MILF rebels landed near a school, wounding nine people, including eight children. Several members of the Organization of Islamic States, including Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt, have agreed to join the peace process between MILF and the Philippine government.

A five-year-old boy who was kidnapped by Abu Sayyaf on July 27 in Basilan province was rescued by Marines and reunited with his parents. Formal peace talks between the government and MILF will commence on August 18 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. President Arroyo pledged in her State of the Union Address last week to sign a peace deal with MILF before her term ends in June 2010.