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The lead Palestinian negotiators said talks with Israel could continue past April if a framework agreement is put in place. Unidentified gunmen fired towards the office of Palestinian Minister of Awqaf and Religious Affairs Mahmoud al Habash. Hamas officials denied charges that they conspired with former Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi.

Israel benefits from Hamas' decline

Hamas is allowing Salafi jihadists in Gaza to conduct non-military activities in Gaza. According to a Salafi jihadist source, a reconciliation agreement with Hamas is not finalized, but "taking shape." Hamas has purportedly expressed interest in joining a unity government with Fatah to prepare for currently unscheduled elections.

Gaza fighters head to Syria as refugees flow in

Hamas accused Palestinian Authority security forces of continuing to arrest its supporters in the West Bank. Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas reportedly rejected a security proposal offered by Secretary of State Kerry. As part of ongoing negotiations with Israel, another batch of Palestinian prisoners will be released by the end of the month.

A day with the IDF's Beduin trackers

Palestinians expressed concern that honor killings are on the rise. An EU audit found that the European body is paying thousands of civil servants in Gaza who are not actually working. Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh spoke with Russia's foreign minister. Secretary of State Kerry will present to Palestinian and Israeli officials a framework agreement in the coming days.

Is Salafist Jihadism Making Inroads into the Israeli-Palestinian Arena?

Thousands of Eritreans 'abducted to Sinai for ransom'

Armed Salafist movement emerges in West Bank

US, Stepping Up Role, Will Present West Bank Security Proposal to Israel

French experts ruled out the possibility that former Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat was poisoned. Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas warned that if negotiations with Israel fail, the Palestinians will return to the UN. Hamas again denied allegations that it was harboring Muslim Brotherhood leaders in Gaza. The Ibn Taymiyyah Media Center issued a statement denouncing recent arrests of Salafists in the West Bank by PA security forces.

The MSC in Jerusalem released a eulogy for three Salafi jihadists recently killed in the West Bank. A Palestinian Authority official said 20 Salafists have been arrested in the West Bank in recent days. A Hamas delegation headed by Khaled Meshal traveled to Malaysia.

MSC in Jerusalem praises 3 Salafi jihadists killed in West Bank

Senior Hamas official Mousa Abu Marzouk said Israel would regret a new operation against Hamas in Gaza. Palestinian Authority security forces reportedly detained two Hamas members in the West Bank. Due to economic constraints, Hamas said it has been forced to cancel and limit events for its 26th anniversary rallies in Gaza. A Hamas delegation recently visited the Iranian embassy in Beirut.

Hamas skips anniversary events due to Gaza fuel crisis

Thousands of Palestinians attended the funeral of the three Salafi jihadists killed by the IDF near Hebron. A Palestinian Authority official said 22 Salafi jihadists have been arrested in the West Bank in recent weeks. A senior Hamas official slammed the Palestinian Authority for the ongoing energy crisis in the Gaza Strip.

New breed of radical Islamists in West Bank worries Israel, PA

Israel faces new power in West Bank: Growing Salafist group with Al-Qaida leanings

Israeli forces kill at least 3 Salafi jihadists near Hebron